4 Comfy & Stylish Formal Shoes That You'll Forget You're Wearing

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had a pair of formal shoes to wear that were super comfy and stylish? Well, the team here at Vybe is ready to turn this dream into a reality. We have a whole range of formal shoes to suit everyone's needs. 


It can be very tricky to find the right pair of formal shoes without compromising your comfort level for special events. This issue also applies to your day-to-day, classy activities, so a set of formal shoes is the right way to go. To ease some of the pressure off buying a pair of comfy and stylish formal shoes, we have gathered a range of styles for you to choose from. 


Trust us, girl, we have selected our top four most comfortable and stylish formal shoes for you to wear. They are so comfortable that you will easily forget that you are wearing them. If you are keen to find out more, keep on reading below! 


Style #1 – Block Heels


 The go-to style of formal shoes this season are a pair of block heels. These pumps are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe, and if you do not have a set, then you are missing out! These formal shoes are the most comfortable high heels that have ever made their way into the fashion scene. They offer a low base, open-toe design, and breathable strappy detailing. 


These features are what make these pumps so wearable, and you forget that they are even on your feet the second you have them on. It is an amazing feeling to walk and dance at a special event without worrying about your feet becoming sore within the next hour. 


These are the best style of formal shoes you could invest in. We love that these pumps (besides their comfort level, of course) come in a wide range of colours and designs. No matter what colour you think of, you can best believe that there is a style of block heels in that shade. These formal shoes also come in a range of designs to keep up with the new fashion trends. 


You can now find a pair of block heels with unique designs, including cake stand and kitten heel designs. There is also a range of clear coloured pumps and fluorescent block heel styles on offer. The options are endless for these formal shoes, and we could not be more in love with these pumps. You will not regret purchasing these formal shoes, girl! 


Style #2 – Stilettos


Say hello to hot and sexy formal shoes! That is right; we are talking about the vibrant pair of stiletto pumps. These are the ultimate style of formal shoes that any girl could have the chance of wearing. They are sexy, flirtatious, and super flattering for your legs. 


Stilettos help you show off all of the right assets and make you feel like an absolute queen. Stilettos are a classic footwear style and fit perfectly in the formal shoe category because of their sense of elegance and high-end fashion. 


We love to see every girl rock a pair of stilettos because they can turn almost any outfit into a sophisticated and stylish look. We recommend wearing a pair of these formal shoes to a special event or cocktail-theme function. Wear formal shoes that pair well with your partner's men's formal shoes. Men's shoes, like derby shoes, are perfect with stilettos.


These heels offer the essence of elegance and class, so they are best worn to events that match. Stilettos are the style of formal shoes that appear to be quite painful to wear, but if you choose the correct pumps, then you will feel comfortable all night long. 


For most girls, a pair of stilettos would not last an hour on their feet, but others love to wear these pumps and find them super comfortable. If you are one of the girls who find stilettos comfortable to wear, we salute you! 


It can be a mission to try and feel comfy in these pumps, but always remember that no matter what time it is, stilettos will always make you look so stylish. 


Style #3 – Wedge Heels


If you want to achieve the highest level of comfort and style in a pair of women's formal shoes, then look no further than a pair of wedge heels. 


These pumps are the perfect in-between when you are looking for stylish and comfortable heels. They are easy to walk in and come in a range of fun and unique designs. There is something for everyone to enjoy with these formal shoes. 


Wedge heels take inspiration from European fashion, where women love to flaunt their summer glow in a pair of wedge heels. These pumps are so comfortable that you could run a marathon in them if you wanted to. How cool is that? 


We love the idea of rocking a pair of these formal shoes to a date night by the beach or an outdoor wedding with a rustic theme. For sure, this will look perfect with your partner's men's dress shoes like oxford shoes. You will look flawless in a set of these formal shoes. Plus, you get to wear these multiple times over, thanks to their level of versatility. 


Style #4 – Heeled Boots 


Now, you may not think that a pair of heeled boots classify as a set of new arrivals formal shoes, but they fit the part. These heeled boots look perfect with casual or dressy outfits. You can wear these throughout every season of the year. 


For a pair of heeled boots in the warmer months of the year, we recommend wearing them with a t-shirt dress or flowy maxi skirt. There is nothing better than wearing breathable clothing with a pair of comfy and stylish formal shoes. 


This look can tone down the effect of formal shoes and give them more of a fashionable touch for everyday wear. When you need a set of formal dress shoes, you can easily wear a pair of heeled boots with a cocktail or bodycon dress. 


These looks pair perfectly with heeled boots, so you will not have to worry about your fashion sense with these on your feet. 




 A pair of comfortable and stylish formal shoes will always need an extra bit of tender love and care. That is why investing in some accessories is the right way to go. For your pair of formal shoes, we would suggest getting some half gel innersoles for your pumps. 


These go on the inside of the footwear to create a soft layer between your feet and the pumps. We also recommend investing in some heel stoppers. These are small plastic circular heel holders that are attached to the bottom of your stilettos. 


They create a base that is easier to walk on and can assist with your balance. Plus, they stop you from sinking into soft grass or mud. It is a win-win with these accessories! 


Ready to treat yourself?


We know how necessary a pair of formal shoes are for every girl's wardrobe. That is why our top four picks of formal shoes are on-trend and super popular at the moment. If you have an upcoming special event to attend and need a set of footwear that will ensure you look flawless from morning until night, then head to the Vybe website today. Put your best foot forward and search through our collection. We have a style to suit everyone!