Are Low Heels Experiencing a Resurgence in Fashion? Find Out Why

Do you feel like there are too many fashion trends to keep up with nowadays? Do not worry, and we are in the same boat. It can feel overwhelming to see all fashion trends make their way through the crowds, but we are here to help. The team behind the Vybe store knows exactly what fashion trends are in and out. The resurging trend we have noticed in women in the fashion world are low heels. 


We are obsessed with this trend because women can now experience style, fashion, and class with a pair of comfortable low heels. This look is much more preferred to stilettos because low heels ensure that you can walk and dance all night long.


If you are just as obsessed as we are with these low heels, then keep on reading. We have gathered a selection of styles for you to get some inspiration for your next outfit. 


Style #1 – Platform Sandals 


One style of low heels that is making a statement in the fashion industry is the platform sandals. These kicks are perfect for casual attire, and you can rock a perfect pair of platform sandals from morning until night. 


You will find that a pair of platform sandals are the best low heels to wear with your casual outfits. Platform sandals are a casual pair of low heels to wear for your everyday wear. We love to rock a set of these low heels when we spend a day at the park or an afternoon by the beach. These low heels are perfect for daytime activities and can take you straight to your nighttime fun. 


Platform sandals take us back to the '90s, but it is a style that we love to wear. You will find great versatility in a pair of platform sandals, so do not worry about rocking these low heels on your day-to-day activities. 


Style #2 – Flatforms 


Get ready to invest in a cute pair of flatforms. You will find that these low heels are super casual and trendy for the warmer months of the year. Flatforms are the perfect cross between flip flops and a pair of platform sandals. 


You can wear a pair of flatforms all day long because of how comfortable they are. It is super challenging to find a comfortable and stylish pair of low heels, but thanks to flatforms coming back on-trend, you will have these new arrivals shoes to wear all day, every day. Amazing right? 


Flatforms are the perfect style of low heels to wear during the warmer months of the year because you can slip in and out of them with ease. They are a stylish pair of footwear that looks good with any summer outfit. You will feel the warm summer breeze all day long when you are wearing a pair of flatforms. 


Style #3 – Wedges


Say hello to a pair of wedges. These shoes are well-known as the most comfortable pair of shoes you could come across. Everyone knows that a set of wedges are the type of shoe that offers a super high but very comfortable sole. 


Many people do not know that you can find a pair of wedges in the style of low heels. These smaller versions of wedges are perfect for women who do not enjoy wearing high-heeled shoes. For those who love to rock a pair of low heels, this is the shoe for you. 


Wedges take inspiration from fashion in hot and tropical countries. Their fashion sense revolves around the warm weather, so they love to wear breathable and comfortable clothing that does not compromise your style. Wedge low heels are the go-to shoe for this season, girl, so take this opportunity before it disappears. 


Style #4 – Block Heels


Check out our range of low block heels. These pumps are the hottest style of footwear that is currently on the fashion scene. We are seriously obsessed with these pumps, and we know you will be too. 


Low block heels are the must-have shoe in every girl's wardrobe because they are fashionable, comfortable, and easy to wear. These low heels are perfect to wear to a special event or family function because they ensure you do not experience any sore feet. 


It is super hard to find shoes that do not make your feet hurt after wearing them for an hour, but you are in luck when it comes to a pair of low block heels. These pumps will have you dancing the night away without any pain in your feet because of the small base. 


Low block heels come in a wide range of colours and styles as well, so you will never have to worry about your outfit clashing with your best sellers shoes. Turn your whole shoe collection into a range of low block heels and watch how quickly you fall in love with your footwear! 


Style #5 – Heeled Boots


Girl, you are about to meet your new best friend. That's right, and we are talking about heeled boots. These women's low heels are the perfect type of footwear for your everyday wear. Depending on what event and look you are going for, you can dress them up or dress them down. 


Heeled boots are the style of footwear that can take your look to the next level. We love a thigh-high heeled-boots moment, so why not make the most of this trend and rock the fit. 


These low heels come in various textures and designs, so there is never a style that you could see on a girl twice (only on rare occasions). Rock a pair of jeans and boots for your daily winter look or a pair of heeled boots and a mini skirt to keep you cool during the summer while vibing on the dance floor. 


There are even ankle-cut boots that you can wear, which means your outfit options are never-ending. Your pair of low heels are about to become your new bestie, so make room in the closet for more shoes, sis!


Do You Want Some Low Heels Loving in Your Life? 


 If you are nodding your head yes, then this is your sign to do some online shopping. Our style suggestions will have you falling in love with every pair you lay your eyes on. So, head to the Vybe website and add every shoe you see, like pointed pumps, colour black stilettos, etc., to your shopping cart. You will not regret it, sis! Stand and flaunt your shoes with confidence. Continue shopping with us and shop online now!