Block Heel Styles We're Loving this Summer Season

Are you looking for new shoe styles to suit you and boost your wardrobe this summer? Your summer footwear collection is incomplete when you don't have a pair of block heels. These shoes are ideal for outdoor events because you can rely on them to keep you steady and stable while navigating soft or uneven surfaces. After hibernating indoors for months, people are excited for outdoor activities, including weddings, picnics, backyard parties, and more of the same kind.


With various options coming out, it can take time to narrow down the choices. The colours, designs, and materials play a massive role in elevating your summer look.


But fret not, because Vybe will let us know the options to consider.Vybe block heels have been improving women's lives, one option at a time. The brands' classic and contemporary styles have boosted ladies' confidence, letting them have some fun under the sun.


The team from Vybe will start with what features block heels should have for the summer. From there, we'll lead straight into the options you can get from the block heel collection at Vybe. If you're ready, let's dive into it!


Key Features


Aesthetics are not the only thing to check out when choosing block heels for summer. While looks and style entice you to take a second glance and give it more attention, consider how the option will make you feel. Is it comfortable for all-day wear? Will it last you through the warm weather?


Since we've already touched on the significance of choosing based on the overall package, here are some features to look out for in block heels:


  • Breathability


Breathable materials and designs are mandatory because summer is warm and your feet need ventilation. Choose block heels that allow air circulation to keep your feet fresh and sweat-free all day.


  • Open or Peep-toe


You've spent most of autumn and winter hiding your toes under thick socks and boots. Summer is the perfect time for them to breathe. Expose your feet and let them get the warmth and sunlight they deserve.


  • Adjustable Fastenings


Straps or buckles on block heels ensure they stay on your feet. But more than that, these fastenings give you control over the fit. When temperatures rise, it's better to loosen up the shoes to avoid cramping your feet.


  • Stable Heel


This one's easy because that's what block heels are famous for. The thick, larger surface area on the heel spreads your weight across it, reducing the strain on your feet, legs, and lower back. It also makes them perfect for summer outdoor events because they will not get stuck on soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


  • Colourful


Whether neutral or bright, your colour choice will impact your vibe. Neutral block heels can work with various outfits, while bright summer colours can make a statement.


The Vybe Collection


With all these features in mind, let's look at the collection of women's block heels at Vybe. Let's go through colours and styles that are perfect for summer.




The Vybe block heel collection is available in five fabulous colours: black, natural, silver, tan, and white.


  • Black isn't the usual first choice for summer events, but it will still work. Block heels in black can transition from day to night effortlessly. This colour matches well with all the others. Style these shoe heels with summer dresses, shorts, or skirts to balance your vibe.

  • Natural-coloured block heels create a neutral and understated summer vibe. It complements the season's colours and matches well with earthy and bohemian-inspired outfits. Wear them with linen dresses, flowy skirts, and denim shorts.

  • Silver will add a touch of glamour to your summer look. The metallic colour is ideal for special or formal summer events. An excellent choice for weddings and parties, silver block heels will reflect sunlight beautifully. Wear them with elegant summer dresses or maxi dresses. For something less formal, wear this footwear with cropped pants.

  • Tan shoes are a classic choice for summer, with their warm, neutral colour complementing various summer colours. This footwear exudes a relaxed beach vibe, perfect for casual summer gatherings. Styling is easy with denim shorts, white summer jeans, floral dresses, or boho-style outfits.

  • White block heels are the epitome of summer freshness and brightness. Wearing white shoes creates a clean and crisp look for hot, sunny days. Pair this footwear with any summer outfit, like sundresses, linen pants or shorts, and swimwear cover-ups.




Two kinds of block heels are in the Vybe collection: open or closed toes. But since we mentioned earlier that it's time to expose the toes this summer, let's focus on that. We want to highlight options that deserve a spot in your summer wardrobe: Edina and Taryn.


Edina is an online-exclusive pair of slip-on block heels from Vybe featuring two crimped top straps. Textured shoes have distinct patterns and textures that create visual interest and unique elements to their appearance. 


You effortlessly elevate your look when you add visual appeal to your outfit. Summer fashion mixes textured block heels and lightweight fabrics to add depth and dimension to your overall look. The 6.5cm height doesn't pose a problem because they're stable and distribute weight.


Have the best time during summer weddings with Taryn in silver. These block heels from Vybe's collection have a single ankle buckle strap, which you can adjust to find the most comfortable fit. The dazzling band of diamante trimming across the top bar boasts elegance, perfect for your summer formal gatherings. Shine through your special occasions with Taryn!


Block Heels Price Range


After narrowing down the choices, it's time to think about the price tag. Is it within your budget? This is a crucial factor to consider.


The good news is that you can purchase Vybe block heels without guilt. The collection comes in two affordable price ranges: $40-$50 and $50+. And more importantly, Vybe has flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase your block heels now and pay in instalments later. It gives you the foresight to plan your expenses well.


Boost Your Summer Vibe with Vybe Block Heel Shoes!


Head to the nearest Vybe retailer or online store to grab your block heels now. Add somegel cushions for a more comfortable summer experience!