Block Heels are Perfect for Summer Night Outs

Summer is here, and it's time to bring out your hibernating block heels. We know how much you've missed. Block heels are versatile, but the colder seasons could be better. For a stylish range of block-heel styles to suit any look, Vybe has it.


With a wide variety of leathers, colours, and seasonal styles, explore our range of block heels for shoes that give comfort for all-day wear – and night! Block heels provide more support, and the larger surface area helps distribute your weight more evenly. So are block heels better for your feet?


Do you know that heeled shoes are better for your feet than completely flat ones? Flat shoes may contribute to the arch of your foot collapsing, which can, in turn, cause knee pain and sore leg muscles. Must use, girl! For your top online shopping, let our brand shop be one of your top choice footwear, for we have a quality that can be ranked by brand Z.


If you don't have a pair, Vybe has the answer! Vybe block heels are a classic footwear style that has endured through the years despite the emergence of numerous fashion trends. Women continuously support this trend because they get the height they desire without the pain they get by wearing stilettos.


These shoes are perfect for women power dressers who cannot withstand the pain of stilettos the whole day. Their thick width distributes your weight evenly, reducing the pressure on the arches and balls of the feet. Keep reading to the end if you want to understand more about these fashionable shoes.


The Vybe team will give you a brief overview of our available options.


Find What You Need at Vybe!


The Vybe block heels are perfect for summer. Their simple, classic dress-up or down silhouette makes them a must-have this season. In addition, Vybe constantly updates its selection to stay on top of the current trends.


With our block heels, you can stay comfy on your feet all day. The best part? No matter which you pick, these will be a hit and look good in any outfit.


Category 1 - Style


Vybe has the best styles of block heels in town. You don't have to look far to find the perfect pair of shoes that will show off your legs and feet during summer. Here are block heels we believe are summer staples


Style 1 - Sandals


It's time to show your sexy feet during summer by wearing one of Vybe's more popular block heels. These block heels will keep your feet cool on a warm summer day. Moreover, they look good with anything, from denim shorts to maxi dresses.


Taking these shoes off is essential if you're out at the beach. We bet you want to slip them off as soon as you reach the sand, so you can feel your toes digging through the powdery sand. What do you love most about summer? Vacations!


You bet these Vybe sandals are the easiest to pack because they don't take up space.


Style 2 - Mules


These stylish block heels are perfect for a night out during summer. First, hang out with your friends, drink cocktails, and look your best! Then, wear them while on vacation and pair them with high-waisted Bermuda shorts that highlight your stunning legs.


We bet you'll get tons of compliments when you wear these block heels.


Category 2 - Colour


Do you prefer bright and daring colours or neutral and more subdued? Vybe offers block heels in six gorgeous colours you can match with your summer dresses. Why limit yourself to one favourite colour when you can choose from black, green, natural, silver, tan, and white?


Denim shorts, mini dresses, jeans, and a cute top all work well with Vybe's available block heels. However, if you must choose only one colour, we suggest going for black and tan. If your heart tells you to go for a brighter colour like green, go for it!


Your confidence will radiate at the end of the day. Besides, all our block heels look good in all colours. Are you going to a formal event? We recommend going for the silver colour.


They add a touch of elegance and glamour to the overall look. Moreover, block heels make standing and walking around for hours at an event tolerable. On the other hand, we've heard nightmare stories about people slipping during an event because of stilettos.


Because block heels distribute your weight evenly, you won't lose your balance and topple forward.


Category 3 - Size


Did you know that your shoe size varies depending on the brand? For example, the block heels at Vybe come in 11 sizes. These sizes are 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. It's easy to determine your Vybe size thanks to our handy size guide.


You can compare Vybe sizes with their UK, US, and EU counterparts. Knowing your size in one of these measurements will help you decide which block heels to get. In addition, if you are in between sizes, we suggest taking the bigger one.


A critical piece of advice when buying shoes: Buy your block heels in the afternoon or evening. Your feet are at their largest size in the afternoon because they swell from all the activities like walking, etc.

It's best to get block heels that follow the largest size of your feet for comfort.


Category 4 - Height


There are five different heights available for Vybe's block heels. They are all in cm: 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, and 7.

These heights fall into three classifications: low, mid, and high.


  1. Typically, low-block heels fall between 3-6 cm.
  2. A mid is 6.5–8.5 cm.
  3. Block heels in the high range refer to those beyond 9 cm.


Choose the right height for you based on your tolerance and comfort level. For example, we at Vybe recommend mid-block heels for an all-day event that extends into the night. There's enough height for extra length and style, but not enough to make you wince in pain after hours of wearing them.


The higher the block heels are, the less comfortable they become.

Prioritize comfort above all.


Go and grab a pair!


You know your feet best! Still need help finding your perfect fit? Checkout! Visit any store nearest you or shop online. Search our page, then sign in to your account.


You can choose your styles and favourite colours, like pink, yellow, nude, tan, and gold. So forget about the doubts and worries in your mind. Instead, have a stress-free and stylish summer season with our block heels.


You deserve to get a pair of Vybe's stunning shoes. They are stylish, versatile, comfortable, and always in fashion. Head to Vybe's online shop or the stockist nearest you.


You won't regret getting a pair because they are vegan-friendly. And the price is very affordable. Sometimes the price is high to low, and sometimes the price is low to high.


So, what are you waiting for? Shop now and enjoy shopping with us.