Block Heels Aren’t Boring with Vybe!

We all come to a point where we feel fed up with our closet. It’s the feeling of dread we have every morning because we expect to see the same boring wardrobe. But you can change that with a new pair of block heels from Vybe


Adding something new and exciting will motivate you to wake up and dress up each day. There’s something about cute block heels that makes women energetic. It boosts the mood and the will to work, so they perform well. 


But aside from the lovely aesthetic of Vybe block heels, they offer benefits that catapult them as a crowd favourite, loved by many.


For tall shoes, women don’t feel uncomfortable or anxious wearing them because they are comfortable and stable. 


Ladies had unfortunate encounters with stilettos, which made them wary of high-heeled shoes until block heels came and changed the landscape.


These shoes distribute your weight evenly, relieving the pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. Wearing block heels is a godsend!


Learn more about the different options with the help of the team at Vybe. They’ll explain the colours, sizes, pricing, and styles. Let’s do it!


1. Colour


Choosing which colour to get can be tricky. We suggest you browse your closet and find out what’s prominent among your clothes. Select the women's block heels that will match most outfits from there.


Vybe block heels are available in five versatile colours: black, natural, silver, tan (nude), and white. If you want something different from the usual, get silver or tan. They will still match most of your clothes and bring in some excitement. 


We know that metallic or silver block heels won’t be your first choice usually, but since we’re talking about changing things up, it’s time that you do!


Silver shoes are a must-have for fashionistas or anyone interested in following the latest trends. These shoes can dress up any outfit the moment you wear them and are the best way to make monochromatic clothes pop! 


Elevate your work clothes by wearing silver shoes with trousers and blazers all day. Wouldn’t you feel more focused and motivated to work because you love your appearance?


Meanwhile, ladies are flocking towards anything tan because it can make your legs look longer and slimmer. Wearing block heels in tan can give you the gorgeous legs you want without trying.


The colour has an effortless air, and people automatically get matching accessories. So, if you’re wearing an all-white dress, you wear tan block heels with a belt and bag in the same shade.


2. Size



It’s a pity when you find excellent styles but not in your size. We’ve all been through that horrible feeling of discovering block heels in the colour and style you want that are unavailable in your size. 


It’s heartbreaking because you cannot get the shoes out of your head but cannot do anything about it.


Thankfully, Vybe’s range of sizes includes 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. Accurate measurements are essential to ensure you remain comfortable wearing Vybe block heels. 


Do it in the afternoon, when your feet are at their maximum size, to accommodate the swelling. Try them on and walk around the store to check if they rub you anywhere. Choose a different style if it does.


If you’re buying online and wouldn’t be able to try on the block heels, you can use the handy size guide to determine your Vybe size. But before using it, you must know your size in any of the three systems—US, UK, and EU—because you will use the guide to convert them to the Vybe size.


3. Pricing


There are only two price ranges for Vybe women's block heels: $40–$50 and $50+. 

But the incredible thing about shopping at Vybe is that you can take advantage of its flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. 


Moreover, you can get additional discounts via vouchers and coupons if you shop online. Not only will you get to add fun and lovely block heels to your closet, but you can also ensure that you won’t go over budget because of them.


4. Styles


We’ve gone through the first three categories, and now we’ve reached the most fun one. Let’s group Vybe block heels into two categories: open and closed toes. 


Ladies usually use open toes during formal events in warmer months. Closed-toe block heels are more prominent in conservative workplaces and winter events. Let’s look at some.


For open-toed block heels, please check out Aquarius and Taryn. Aquarius is a gorgeous pair of online-exclusive block heels perfect for parties and special occasions. 


It has two horizontal top straps covered in glittering diamantes. It has supportive and comfortable block heels with a slim side profile and a convenient slide-in fit. 


Meanwhile, Taryn is an effortlessly elegant pair with a single ankle buckle strap, which provides adjustability, comfort, and security. 


With a dazzling band of diamanté trimming across the toe strap, Taryn is perfect for formal events or adding sparkle to your casual wear.


For closed-toe styles, consider Patience and Kiko for your shoe closet. Patience is a pump shoe providing an easy slip-on fit and rounded-toe comfort. 


The simplicity of these pair adds classic elegance to your office outfit or dinner wear. No fastenings nor trimmings are present, yet these block heels are a sight!


Meanwhile, your second closed-toe option is Kiko. These gorgeous blocks have pointed and enclosed toes with ankle buckle straps. 


Kiko’s versatility allows you to wear them with party dresses or jeans—ideal for special occasions, weekend wear, or casual looks.


Our assortment of block heel shoes includes both professional and casual options. These shoes are great for wearing around town all day because of the extra stability and support the heel's larger surface area provides.

Any girl looking for a stylish and practical heel will love our women's block heel selection. Our footwear is the perfect complement to any outfit, day or night. 


Turn Your Boring Closet to Something Fun with Vybe Block Heel Shoes!


Vybe block heels are perfect for turning your drab closet into something fab! Go to the nearest retailer or online store to grab any styles!


You may find the ideal pair of block-heel shoes by browsing our styles-to-suit collection.