Block Heels Ideal for a Night on the Town

Have you ever experienced partying hard and enjoying yourself when suddenly your shoe breaks in the middle of the dance floor?


An experience that left you sitting the rest of the night, which ruined the vibe. We'd like to introduce the various block heels available because Vybe doesn’t want you to go through that mishap again. 


Vybe’s collection of the most comfortable heeled shoes can blow your mind, making you forget that other styles matter.


These pairs tick all the necessary boxes for a night on the town—comfortable, versatile, and stylish. 


Of course, it would help if you had comfortable footwear to keep you on your feet pain-free the whole night—dancing, mingling, walking, and standing. 


Versatile block heels are also essential because you want footwear that you can wear on multiple occasions, not just one. Besides, if you’re heading to your special event after work, your footwear must also be appropriate for work. 


Finally, these pairs must be stylish because your footwear can make or break your look. Looking good boosts your confidence and affects your overall demeanour. 


If you’re ready to discover our gorgeous block heel collection, our Vybe team can help! They will discuss the colours and styles you must pick for nighttime in the town. Let’s start! 


Vybe Colours 


Vybe has five unique colours: black, natural, silver, tan, nude, and white. Each colour matches a range of hues, which makes them versatile for nighttime on the town. So which shade are you leaning on?


The Vybe team recommends choosing a silver one to add sparkle to your night out. You’re likely going out for dinner and dancing, with some cocktails on the side, and the silver footwear will fit right in. 


While some may think silver block heels are too glamorous for a night out, they're not. 


Yes, they look fantastic for formal occasions with your long black gown, but there are ways you can get away with wearing a pair of metallic block heels. So how do you style them?


  • Wear silver block heels with a pop of colour, ideally a dress. The pair will showcase the dress and make it the main attraction.


  • If you’re feeling adventurous, pair metallic shoes with metallic clothes. Put on Vybe’s block heels with a silver top and pants, and go monochromatic. Let the disco lights reflect on you and make you shine like a diamond on the dance floor.


  • How about a blazer and cropped pants combined with silver block heels? The silver colour adds a feminine edge to a power suit and takes your cocktail fashion to a different level.


The silver block heels available at Vybe will stay secure on your feet thanks to the single buckle ankle strap that provides an adjustable, cosy fit. You don’t want them too tight or loose, which can be hazardous to your fun nighttime. 


Also, the single band of diamante trimming across the top strap will add more twinkle to your silver block heels. 


VVybe Styles 


Vybe has two kinds of block heels for nighttime on the town: open and closed toes. They’re equally stylish and gorgeous, so choose the one you feel more relaxed wearing. 


Block heels are famous for their comfort for the wearer because they distribute the weight evenly instead of putting pressure on one area—the balls.


The open toes are strappy sandals. Some have ankle straps to keep them attached to your feet, while others have two thin straps over the top of your feet. 


You must remember that with open-toed shoes, you’re exposing your toes, so they must be clean and hygienic—ensure to book a pedicure session. 


With ankle straps, you won’t worry about leaving your block heels in the middle of the dance floor, ala Cinderella. Instead, choose the Vybe block heels with ankle straps that cross over the front of your ankles, adding a fun feel to your evening. 


The mid-high shoes have a single strap over the front of your feet and look amazing with jeans or a dress. If you wear this footwear with jeans, choose a nice top to complement them.


For the strappy sandals without ankle straps, you’ll get two horizontal straps covered in glittering diamantes for an elevated night-on-the-town look. These pairs are convenient and comfy to put on as they are slide-ins. 


Styling is like the ankle straps, with jeans and dresses matching well with these heeled sandals.


On the one hand, if you’re not keen on exposing your toes, you can choose the closed-toe block heels available at Vybe. The footwear comes with an ankle strap and pointy toes. 


Ladies prefer this style when the weather is colder and they do not want to freeze their toes. Because of their versatility, you can pair this footwear with most of the clothes you wear when you go out after hours—dresses, skirts, jeans, and nice tops! 


In addition, there is no need to book a pedicure appointment if you choose these shoes.


How to Care for Your Feet 


Even if block heels are the comfiest style, knowing how to care for your feet after exposing them to these shoes for hours is essential. The added height is still unusual for your feet, so knowing how to care for them is good.


  • A foot soak can heal the soreness after wearing heels for hours. Fill a tub with warm water and add Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender essential oil. 


  • Raise your feet on the wall or pillows to allow blood circulation. Doing this after wearing block heels can help remove the swelling.



Have the Best Night in the Town with Vybe Block Heel Shoes! 


Our block-heel shoes are available in various colours, allowing you to choose the right tone to complement any ensemble. We have something for every taste, from nude to casual colours. 


And among our many options in styles to suit any event, you're sure to find a pair. So we have what you need, whether a pair for a formal occasion or a couple of casual shoes for all-day wear at the office.


Never let shoes ruin your (day or) night again. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store! Get block heels from Vybe to ensure you’ll have a night to remember.