Block Heels in Bright Colours are Trending for Spring

Spring is here, and we're all excited. The flowers are blooming, and vibrant colours are trending. But, coinciding with the various flower festivals across the country, is the emergence of the hibernating block heel.


It's time to whip them out, ladies! Everywhere you look, you see something attractive, and block heels are no exception. This season, it's all about bright colours.


Use your shoes as a pop of colour to remind people that the spring season is here. Are you worried that you don't have a pair? Vybe has you covered!


Block heels remain timeless footwear despite the advent of many different fashion trends. Women still like this style because it gives them the height they want without the pain of wearing stilettos. In addition, wide heels make walking easier because they have a larger surface area in contact with the ground. Are you a power dresser who hates pain and discomfort?


Then block heels are perfect for you! Their thick width spreads your weight out, which takes the pressure off the arches and balls of your feet. But do you still want to know more about these life-changing shoes?


Read until the end as our team from Vybe gives you a rundown of the available options.


Vybe Has the Heeled Shoes You're Looking For!


The Australian spring season means the start of warmer weather during the day, while nights can still be on the cool side. The Vybe shoes are perfect for spring. They are a must-have this season because they easily dress up or down.


Vybe frequently refreshes its inventory to stay on top of recent trends. And for spring, the trending shoes are in bright colours. Whichever you choose, these will be popular and look great with any clothing.


Category 1—Colour


While bright colours trend this spring season, your taste is still a top priority when choosing this footwear. Do you favour bold, colourful pairs over neutral, more modest ones? Vybe offers heels in six gorgeous colours to match your spring wardrobe.


Why limit yourself to one favourite colour when you can choose from a range of bright colours? With six colours to choose from, you can match any outfit, from denim shorts to mini dresses to jeans and a cute top, with our available range. However, if you must choose only one colour, we suggest going for our green pair, or maybe yellow or pink!


As we mentioned, bright colours are trending for spring, and you can use this pair as an accent for your whole look! Your confidence, like this colour, will radiate until the end of the day. Are you attending a formal event? You can also go neutral with nude, tan, brown, and black colours.


Weddings are prevalent during spring, and we recommend wearing our silver block heels. They give the whole appearance a dash of refinement and glitz. In addition, block heels can make standing and moving around for long periods during an event bearable.


Stiletto wearers tripping over themselves at events has been the stuff of nightmares. This footwear evenly distributes your weight, preventing you from losing control and falling forward.


Category 2—Style


If you're searching for heels in town, you've come to the right place! Vybe's collection will showcase your sexy legs and tootsies during spring. Here are the available styles you'll obsess over this season!


Style 1–Sandals


The weather is the best way to determine if you're ready to wear sandals. Warmer days mean you can be more daring in your choices. On the other hand, spring is the perfect time to wear open-toe footwear.


This footwear keeps your feet fresh and breathing on a warm spring day. Additionally, they work well with everything, including maxi dresses and denim shorts. Off to brunch with the ladies?


It's the perfect time to let loose and show off those pedicures. Can you imagine sitting outside cafes and talking about everything and anything? The thought is overflowing with bliss and relaxation.


Style 2–Mules


These chic shoes are ideal for a springtime night out. Drink cocktails, hang out with your pals, and dress to impress! Off to spring break somewhere?


When travelling, match them with high-waisted Bermuda shorts to highlight your fabulous legs. We're sure you'll make heads turn with Vybe's collection of mule block heels!


Category 3Size


While you may have a general idea of your shoe size, there's still some variation between brands. We recommend you check Vybe's handy size guide to determine your accurate heels. Our footwear comes in 11 sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11.


With our size guide, you can compare Vybe sizes with their UK, US, and EU counterparts to determine your shoe size. You can choose which block-heeled footwear to buy by knowing your size in one of these dimensions. Additionally, we advise going up a size if you are in between sizes.


Also, you must buy your shoes in the afternoon or evening because all the activities like walking swell your feet and make them reach their maximum size in the afternoon. The most comfortable all-day-wear shoes match your feet at their largest size.


Category 4Height


Block-heeled footwear provides height and comfort, which women love. Which level is most comfortable for you?


It's best to know which one you can tolerate the most.


  • Typically, low-block heeled footwear fall between 3-6 cm.
  • A mid-heel is 6.5-8.5 cm.
  • Block shoes in the high range refer to those beyond 9 cm.


For a daylong event that goes into the night, Vybe suggests wearing mid-heels. After wearing them for several hours, there is enough height to add length but not enough to cause discomfort. Shoes grow less comfortable as they rise in height.


Put comfort first and foremost.


Give Your Feet Some TLC! (Don't Just Pick Brand Z!)


We highlighted the significance of comfort above all, so here are some tips you can use to care for your tootsies after walking in block heels or any shoes with height.

  1. Use your knuckles to gently rub each foot, focusing on your foot's toes, heel, and ball.
  2. Rotate your ankles ten times in each direction to stretch out your foot. Additionally, you can point and flex your foot several times.
  3. Because block heels increase blood flow in the lower body, lying up against the wall for 10-15 minutes allows blood to return.


Purchase a Pair of Block Heel Shoes Now!


Whether you follow the bright colour trend or opt for a more subdued shade, block heels are the perfect footwear for spring! So forget about the doubts and worries in your mind. Instead, enjoy the spring season and make it memorable by purchasing a pair of Vybe shoes, which are stylish, versatile, comfortable, and affordable.


Head to Vybe's online shop or the stockist nearest you. You won't regret getting a pair because they are vegan-friendly.