Block Heels Made Simple With Vybe!

In all things, why go the challenging route when you can choose the easy one?


Complicated things turn off several people. With so many things to do and worry about, you don’t need additional ones. Thankfully, Vybe is making it easy for you. You can access the gorgeous collection of Vybe block heels without fuss or flair.


These shoes have a thick, box-like heel that provides stability and comfort. Say goodbye to strained feet, legs, and lower back because these won’t cause pain. These shoes distribute your weight evenly, preventing pressure and discomfort.


Choosing the right pair of block heel shoes to add to your wardrobe makes all the difference to your style and experience. With the right one, you can attend functions and go to work for extended periods hassle-free.


All options from the Vybe block heels collection are excellent in terms of sizes, colours, and styles. We guarantee that your shopping experience won’t be problematic. As mentioned, we don’t want challenges. We want it simple. 


With the help of the team at Vybe, discover why owning a pair of these shoes is exciting. From there, we will go through the options you can get your hands on from the brand. Let’s start!


Why Having Block Heels Is Exciting


Block-heeled shoes are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. More ladies are showing an interest in these shoes because of the hype. 


Some get these shoes to satisfy their curiosity and prove what others claim to be true. Here are some reasons why you need to buy one from Vybe:




You don’t need excessive decorations and trimmings for a shoe to be elegant. Block-heeled shoes have an effortless and subtle elegance, which improves your look without trying too hard. The footwear imbues class and elevates the outfit.




There used to be a time when you got blisters when wearing heeled shoes. The sad thing was that you had to endure it because you had no choice. 


But because Vybe block heels exist, you now have more options that keep you safe from all the stress and pain. The wide heels provide a larger surface area for ground contact while walking. Wearing them is like walking on clouds.




These are a popular choice, so chic styles keep popping up. You will always have options to choose from. With styles to suit your taste, these come in closed or open-toed designs, heeled sandals, and pumps.


Confidence booster 


All-day wear that makes you feel taller, more stable, and more comfortable can boost your confidence. You become more self-assured and arrive at a venue with your head held high because you know they will support you and won’t let you lose your balance.




Some ladies pay excessively to achieve the look they’re aiming for. But with women's block heels, you don’t need to go over budget to look your best. When you shop at Vybe, you’ll marvel at the reasonable prices. 


More importantly, you can buy more than one pair of Vybe block heels without worrying about breaking the bank because the brand’s flexible payment systems allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.


Vybe Collection


Are you ready to shop for the best block heels in town?


Forget about your previous challenging experiences because Vybe will make it simple for you. For instance, shopping online is a breeze with the filters and navigation on Vybe’s online store. Let’s walk through each.


1. Colours


Choosing the right colour is essential because it plays a massive role in achieving a cohesive and complementary look. Will it clash with your clothes or make them look better?


Vybe has curated colour choices that make it easy for everyone to match their wardrobe. The five colours—black, natural (nude), silver, tan, and white – pair effortlessly with all other shades.


  • Black offers a classic elegance suitable for various occasions.

  • Natural-colour has an understated charm. A shade close to your skin tone, this colour helps elongate your legs and make them slimmer.

  • Silver boosts your glamorous vibe. Silver is ideal for adding sparkle and shine to your outfit. Perfect for a night on the town!

  • Tan offers a warm and earthy tone suitable for casual occasions like work, brunch, and a day out with friends.

  • White adds a clean and fresh vibe to your wardrobe. Wearing them brightens up your aura.


2. Styles


We can classify the block heels at Vybe into two groups: closed or open toes. Choosing which one to get will depend on where you will use it and the weather. Open-toed block heels are unsuitable for colder months, whereas you can wear closed toes all year. 


Moreover, closed-toe shoes are more appropriate for conservative settings and work functions, while open ones exude a playful and chic vibe. With so many styles to suit and match office attire, a dress for a special occasion


Let’s look at some Vybe options:


  • Patience is a pair of pump block heels from Vybe. These shoes feature a closed toe, closed back, and an open top, creating a sleek and timeless silhouette. Devoid of any fastening, wear these block heels quickly by slipping them on. Walking with the additional 7cm is a breeze because the shoes spread your weight.

  • Edina is an online-exclusive option from Vybe. These block heels have two crimped top straps that fall horizontally across your feet. The straps are an effortless way to add texture and visual appeal to the footwear. Wear these open-toe block heels during the warmer months for increased breathability and comfort.


3. Sizes


The Vybe block heel collection is available in sizes 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. The comprehensive range ensures everyone can find the right fit and enjoy these excellent shoes. 


You must find your correct Vybe size because shoe brands vary. You may be a size 5 in another city but a size 6 in Vybe.


To make things simpler, use the brand’s handy size guide. It allows you to convert your size in the US, UK, and EU systems to Vybe, making shopping for your block heels easier.


Boost Your Fashion Vibe with Vybe!


Make shopping for block heels simple with the help of Vybe. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now!