Block Heels That Are Comfortable and Make You Feel Good Are From Vybe!

Women are becoming more picky regarding the kind of clothing and footwear they wear. It's good because they have standards and understand the value of money. They look for versatility, style, comfort, and affordability. And these are excellent qualities to check.


Because you have high standards, you went to Vybe to find high-quality heels. Vybe is known for its footwear range, including women's block heels. 


The demand for block heels has been rising because women have discovered they are the most comfortable footwear at this height. But, unfortunately, you don't get to say you finally found the perfect high heels every day. 


Knowing that these comfy block heels can provide you with the height you need is one of the main reasons women flock to them. But that's not all they have to offer. 


Vybe block heels are also stylish, versatile, and affordable, which tick all the above qualities. So we're bringing in reinforcements to convince you more. 

If you're ready to enter the dazzling world of block heels, let's start! First, our team from Vybe will introduce the different block heels available to help you figure out which will make you feel good. 


We can promise they are all comfy, so you can choose based on their appearance.




The size of a woman's foot sometimes limits her choices regarding block heels. Their feet are either too big or too small, so they make do with the footwear available in their size. 


However, you won't have a problem with Vybe because the block heels come in various inclusive sizes, such as 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11.


Confirm your Vybe size by checking the handy size guide, which helps you convert between US, UK, and EU systems. You must find your accurate Vybe size because brands vary, and you need the correct one for your block heels to ensure comfort.


And while we're on the subject of accurate sizing, the Vybe team would like to remind you that the best time to buy block heels or get measurements is in the afternoon.


By this time, your feet have swollen to their largest size, which you must include when purchasing your pairs.




Are you a fan of neutral colours?


If yes, you're in luck because the five we have available—black, natural (nude), silver, tan, and white—for block heels are in the spectrum. We all know how easy it can be to match clothes with neutral colours, so you won't have any problems.


The safest bet is black. Women's block heels in this colour are often the top choice since you can wear them casually and formally. Ask anyone, and they'd likely confess they have block-heeled shoes in their closet.


Black can be a symbol of authority, power, strength, and elegance. You will exude the same things by wearing block heels in this colour. So why do you think people keep flashing their black credit cards?


Another colour to consider is natural, which is near the nude shade. The colour blends with your foot and seamlessly transitions from skin to shoe. Natural block heels are leg-lengthening because they do not draw attention to your feet.


A common trick in the trade is to put on natural block-heeled shoes when you need to tone down an outfit. If you love wearing prints, it can get busy to the eye, so balance it with natural shoes. These are excellent for all-day wear with skirts, dresses, and shorts.




After going through the first two, let's head to the styles. You will love Vybe block-heeled footwear because it is comfy and makes you feel good. So how can you say no to footwear that gives you height without causing discomfort?


We'll divide them into casual, formal, and workplace to make it easier for you. While all the styles are versatile, we want to provide clear options for where you can wear your block heels.


Casual Setting 


Vybe's low, strappy sandals are ideal for casual events. The simple aesthetic of this footwear will attract you and make you feel at ease. However, some can get overwhelming visually because of too many embellishments. 


The Vybe low strappy sandals have block heels that distribute your weight evenly, a touch-fastening strap that wraps around your ankle securely, and a single strap around the toes for a functional aesthetic. 


The combination of the low and broad heel gives you the utmost comfort!


Formal Setting 


Formal events require glam and style, which a pair of pointy-toe ankle-strap block-heeled footwear brings. In addition, they are elegant and will make any outfit look better, so you can wear them to formal events. 


In addition, these block-heeled shoes will make you feel good about yourself, boosting your confidence. The pointy toe is a beauty, so expect many compliments and heads turning.


Workplace Setting


For the workplace, we'd suggest the pumps. These block-heeled shoes have a sturdy, broad heel with a larger surface area that hits the floor, a soft squared-toe shape, and a leather lining. 


The features work together to give you a comfy workplace that takes the pressure off your feet, legs, and lower back. In addition, the wide toe box will allow your toes to splay naturally, keeping you steady and well-balanced.


While we've indicated which block-heeled shoes are ideal for each setting, please do not limit their use within those settings. These are versatile shoes that you can use for other events, too. 


For instance, you don't have to change out of your pumps to go to an after-work event because these are suitable for dinner dates and cocktails. Likewise, if you feel like wearing your pointy-toed shoes for weekend brunches, you can do that too.


The key takeaway is that Vybe shoes can dress an outfit up or down, whichever the situation calls for, and keep you comfortable through long hours. We have a fantastic range of styles to suit your taste and budget.


Get Your Vibe On With Block Heel Shoes From Vybe!


Go to the nearest Vybe store or shop online to join the many people who like how comfortable their block heels are.