Block Heels That Are the Perfect Addition to Any Wardrobe!

Have you looked at your wardrobe lately and realised it needs an urgent upgrade? 


When the feeling that you don't have anything to wear hits you, it's a distress call for something new! Of course, it would help if you had a pair of footwear that would match all your current wardrobe and take them to the next level.


It would be best if you had a pair of Vybe block heels. How did that idea come about? Let's take a step back and discuss.


A pair of block heels from Vybe adds a unique flair to your wardrobe. These shoes answer your need for most events. Standing, dancing, and mingling for hours at a party is not a joke. And with events coming at you left and right, you will need block heels to do these things comfortably!


Wouldn't you buy a pair of block heels that can give you the height you crave and the comfort you need?


Vybe Styles


Women's block heels come in various styles to suit any occasion. From office wear to casual, you can add gorgeous block-heel shoes so your outfits will multiply! Strappy designs are great for a night out, while enclosed toes and pumps are perfect for all-day wear. No matter the occasion, you can find the ideal block heel style. 




Do you require footwear that adheres to your feet to prevent Cinderella-like situations from occurring?


We recommend a pair of strappy block heels because they will stay securely on your feet while you enjoy your occasion. In addition, the ankle straps will prevent a Cinderella moment where one shoe is left behind. 


With strappy block heels from Vybe, you will get the best of both worlds: a broad and thick heel that provides utmost comfort and ankle straps that keep them in place while you walk, dance, mingle and socialise each event. 


The versatility of Vybe block heels stands out because you can wear one pair on multiple occasions, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe! Strappy block heels will carry you through every experience, even at work, whether you're wearing skirts, shorts, long or short formal dresses, or even gowns!


2—Enclosed Toes  


The enclosed toes block heels are perfect for ladies who still need to be fully open to showing their toes. Showing your toes is a commitment because you need to ensure they look good by having a pedicure. 


Enclosed toes provide extra stability, as the larger surface area of the heel gives you more balance. These styles are perfect for all-day wear, and the closed-toe gives you more protection and comfort. They are also ideal for the office, as they look more formal and professional.


The broad heel of these block heels distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet and lower back.


The thick heel will prevent you from getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks, and you won't hit your toes on rocks and pebbles with the protective enclosure. 


Versatility is an essential trait of these block heels because you can wear them with jeans and skirts for clubbing or an elegant dress for an evening formal. More importantly, you don't have to change footwear from work to your party because these shoes will work for both events! 




Pumps are a classic look that never goes out of style. With a low heel, these shoes are perfect.


Pumps are one of the most popular block heels, especially at work! These shoes have closed counters and an exposed top line that starts at the toe box and extends across the top of the foot.


Without any form of fastening, the Vybe pumps have an easy slip-on fit and provide long-lasting comfort you can wear all day and night. However, it's important to note that they vary from pointed toes to rounded toes and varying heights.


We recommend the pair of these block heels with round toes because pointed ones can squeeze your toes together and cause pain.


Vybe Sizes


The key to having block heels with a comfortable fit is to get your accurate Vybe size since brands vary in size. We don't think you can last more than two hours in pain and discomfort! Wearing ill-fitting footwear will prevent you from having the best time.


Our stylish block heels come in a wide range of eleven sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. Figuring out your correct Vybe size is easy if you know your measurement in any of these three systems – US, UK, or EU. Then, convert your height from these three systems to their Vybe counterpart with the help of the handy size guide


To accommodate the swelling, you must take measurements and shop for block heels in the late afternoon or evening when your feet are at their largest size. Then, you may enjoy the celebration and dance all night because you are comfortable wearing well-fitted footwear! 


Vybe Colours


Are you into vibrant or neutral colours when it comes to blocking heels? 


Elevating your outfits sometimes requires leaving your comfort zone and wearing colours you usually won't. 


Six Vybe colours are available for block heels: black, green, natural, silver, tan, and white. Allow our team at Vybe to recommend a few colours to add to your wardrobe to spice up your outfits!


If your budget allows only one pair of block heels, black is the colour for you because everything goes well. Black is a classic, beautiful colour that complements warm and cool-toned clothing. 


A pair of green block heels will add an earthy, more relaxed essence to your wardrobe. This colour looks best with blue, other green shades, yellow, and brown. We suggest wearing muted outfits if you want more vibrant green block heels.


Consider white block heels as a blank canvas on which you can draw whatever you choose, which will look lovely! Then, make these block heels the pop your appearance needs and wear whatever you like.


Add Gorgeous Block Heel Shoes So Your Outfits Will Multiply! 


Owning one pair is like having a massive collection because its versatility allows you to wear them on multiple occasions. Moreover, their colours do not disappoint! 


Adding such a classic pair of block heels to your wardrobe will enable you to multiply the outfit combinations you can wear all year! 


Head to Vybe's online store or the stockist nearest you! Our flexible payment systems allow you to buy now and pay later!