Block Heels You Can Party in All Night Long

Block heels are a shoe style that can provide you with the height and comfort you need to party, which helps reduce pollution and the environmental carbon footprint. We at Vybe will give you the lowdown on all our block heels to make decision-making easier.


Read on to learn more!


Styles of Heeled Shoes


The popularity of this footwear always remains high, so whatever you choose from our range at Vybe will be perfect for partying all night long! 


Style 1—Covered Toes  


Let's start with the enclosed-toe variety. Is the venue of the party outdoors? You must choose the proper footwear to avoid getting stuck in the soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


Wearing shoes with enclosed toes is better because these shoes cover your toes from pebbles and other foreign objects that can stub your toes outdoors. So when we said that block heels at Vybe are versatile, we meant it!


The enclosed toes work correctly with jeans and skirts for some clubbing after-parties! These block heels will also work with an elegant party dress on a formal occasion! More importantly, you don't have to change footwear from work to your party because these shoes are like chameleons. They work correctly for every occasion!


But because the toes are enclosed, one important thing to consider with these shoes is the risk of squeezing them. 


Style 2—Pumps 


Pumps are one of the most popular kinds of block heels. These shoes have closed counters and a cutout top line that exposes the entire top of the foot, starting at the toe box. These shoes do not have any fastenings. They vary from pointed to rounded toes.


We suggest choosing this style with round toes because pointed ones can squeeze your toes together and cause pain. On the other hand, a pair of Vybe's pumps have an easy slip-on fit and provide long-lasting comfort that you can party in all night. The versatile style of these shoes makes them suitable for work too! 


Style 3—Block Heel Strappy Shoes  


Cinderella's glass slippers did not have straps. Hence, she left a shoe behind when she ran to meet her midnight curfew. 


With Vybe's strappy block heels, you don't have to worry about missing footwear as you party all night long. Instead, the style with ankle straps will remain secure on your feet as you walk, dance, mingle, and enjoy the night way beyond midnight.


Wearing these shoes from Vybe will make heads turn, meriting a second (or even a third) glance! These shoes go well with long or short formal dresses, even gowns. And they also go well with skirts and shorts.


Are you going to a wedding? Strappy block heels are the best footwear choice for indoor and (especially) outdoor ceremonies. As opposed to wearing stilettos, you won't risk snagging yourself in the grass, sand, mud, or cracks in the sidewalk. 




 Finding the perfect fit varies depending on the shoe brand, so you must get your accurate Vybe size. Getting the correct footwear size will determine your comfort, and we know the role that being comfortable plays in your ability to party all night long. Ill-fitting footwear will stop you from drinking and dancing in under two hours.


To find your Vybe size, please check the handy size guide. Our block heels are available in 11 sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. Figuring out your correct Vybe size is easy if you know your measurement in any of these three systems: US, UK, or EU.


It's best if you get your measurements and shop for footwear in the late afternoon or evening when your feet are at their largest size to take the swelling into account. The things you do every day, like walking, running, or standing, make your feet swell up. Taking measurements that include the node will give you the comfort you need to dance and party to your heart's content!  




Do you want to be at the start of the party? Then, choose an attention-grabbing colour for your block heels! The colours at Vybe include black, brown, green, natural, silver, tan, nude/natural, and white. But it takes work to pick one colour when many options are available. 


If you have to pick just ONE colour for this footwear, we recommend black or tan because they will go with any (party) outfit. Choose from our collection and buy what you want! Your happiness is ours too!


Party All Night in the Best Block Heels Available!


Now that you've read everything related to Vybe block shoes, it's time to get the best pair for all-day wear at the office and as you mingle and dance the late hours away. 


The larger surface area on the block heel makes the difference—that's easy steps with this footwear that hugs the ground! In addition, it offers weight support as you stand or walk a distance!


Our price will always be right, so head to Vybe's online shop or the nearest store to get yours!