Block Heels You Don't Want to Miss Out On!

With summer officially here and in full swing, it calls for a wardrobe refresh. With the increase of warm weather this season, there is no doubt that every girl will want to get out their favourite pair of pumps from the shoe collection. So brush off the dust and get ready to style your shoes with a gorgeous summer fit. 


If your favourite pumps look a little sad for wear, all you have to do is close checkout some new arrivals shoes. Our favourite summer pumps are a set of block heels. These trendy pumps are perfect for the warmer weather, with features of comfort and style all in one. 


You will find that these block heels will be your new summer favourite, so if you need a wardrobe refresh, you know which high demand shoes to get your hands on. The team here at Vybe shop have gathered a range of styles and designs that we know will look flawless on your feet. If you are keen to find out more, all you have to do is take a quick view and keep  reading, girl! 


Style 1 – Cake-Stand


Check out this latest style of block heels, girl. That's right; we are talking about a pair of cake-stand pumps. This shoe design is super unique, which means you can show off your fashion taste all day long. A set of cake-stand block heels are on the rise in the world of women's fashion, so you are sure to make a bold statement with these pumps. 


The unique design replicates an original dessert cake-stand, making these block heels super fun and sweet to wear on your feet. We love to style these pumps with a super cute mini dress or maybe with a denim skirt and white crop top. 


These block heels can get styled with just about any look and still look flawless. Your summer fit will be ready to go in no time, girl! 


Style 2 – Kitten Block Heels


Do you love to wear a pair of stilettos? Well, now you can get the same design in a smaller version. Our range of kitten block heels is sure to have all eyes on you, thanks to their trendy and comfortable features. You will find that the base of a set of kitten block heels is thin and small but super easy to walk in. 


These are the type of block heels that you can wear to work during the day and straight to dinner and cocktails at night. These kitten block heels can help you channel fun and sophisticated vibes, which is what we want to see every girl flaunt this season. 


The best thing about a pair of kitten block heels is that they can get worn all year round. So they can become your favourite summer shoe, as well as your spring, autumn, and winter ones too! 


Style 3 – Bright Colours


Girl, you do not want to miss out on these block heels this season! Introducing our range of bright-coloured pumps. These are becoming popular new styles of footwear in the world of fashion. Now is the perfect time to get your hands on them. 


Our range of block heels in bright and unique colours can make all the difference to your summer look. So try something new and step out of your comfort zone this season with our range of bright coloured block heels. You will find that these pumps are the perfect pair to wear all summer long. 


They are comfortable, trendy, and easy to wear daily. Plus, they also come in varying heights. The pop of colour is sure to capture everyone's attention so that you can flaunt your latest pair of bright coloured block heels all day long. 


Style 4 – Jewelled Pumps


Treat yourself this season to a pair of jewelled block heels. This shoe style is perfect for girls who love to add a touch of glitz and glam to their look. You will love styling this block heel with just about every outfit you can imagine. 


We love that a pair of jewelled block heels can add a stylish touch to your everyday look. You will find that these pumps can come in a wide range of designs. The jewels you may find on your pair of block heels can come in the style of glitter, chains, and chunky belts. 


There is no better feeling than showing off your latest pair of jewelled pumps this season. You will shine brighter than the sun this summer, girl! 


Style 5 – Pastels


Say hello to our flawless range of pastel-coloured block heels. If you love to keep things casual, these are the perfect pair of shoes. Our range of pastel-coloured block heels will suit your day and nighttime outfits. In addition, you can style these pumps with a range of looks which means your options are endless this season. 


Your summer looks will be ready to go in no time once you get your hands on a pair of pastel coloured block heels. We love to see shades of green, blue, purple, and pink in the pastel range of block heels. They are the perfect colours to wear throughout the summer season. But, for a customer creating more colourful vibes, these kicks are perfect for you!


You can even find a bright pastel range of blue, orange, and yellow pumps. You will be spoiled for choice with our range of stylish pastel-coloured block heels this season, girl! 


Accessories for Heels!


One thing that every girl forgets about when buying a new pair of block heels is to faster checkout some shoe accessories. For example, no matter how comfortable your pair of pumps are, there will always come a time where an extra touch of support for your feet would be beneficial.  


This tip is why it is super important to invest in accessories for your shoes. We recommend you invest in a set of gel half-innersoles for your block heels. These accessories sit inside of your shoe to give the balls of your feet an extra layer of comfort. 


You will feel comfortable from morning until night with these on your feet. For the block heels that feature a slim base, you will benefit from a set of heel-stoppers. These little guys sit on the bottom of your shoe so you can avoid any injuries or falls. You will never regret purchasing accessories for your shoes! 


Feeling Summer Ready?


If you have spotted a new favourite shoe style, this is your sign to get your hands on them ASAP. You will love your new pair of block heels, sis. Head to the Vybe website today to find out more!


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