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Secret Life Of Heels: 5 Factors To Consider When Purchasing Heels

It is clear that every girl needs to spend some time researching their soon-to-be new pair of animal print heels, but to save you time, we have done some of it for you. We have gathered five main factors to consider when purchasing a new pair of heels online so you can get a bang for your buck without any worries. Scroll down below to discover the key things to consider when hunting for a new pair of designer brands pumps. We promise you your next pair of heels will be perfect for you, girl!

Comfy Flats You Can Wear With Everything: Our Pick

Finding the perfect pair of shoes to wear that will not hurt your feet is a hard thing to see. We know how hard it is to get your hands on a pair of comfortable shoes and the challenges that come with the shopping process. We thought we would make your life a little easier and give you a selection of comfortable shoes to take some inspiration from. Our choice of style is women’s flats. These shoes are one of the most comfortable styles of footwear that is available for women to wear.

How To Dress Up Women's Flats For The Office

If you are on the hunt for a new pair of comfortable and stylish shoes for your workday in the office, then look no further. Our team at Vybe have collected the best styles of footwear that we know will look stunning on your feet in and out of the office. It can be challenging to find the perfect pair of comfortable shoes for your feet but are trendy and modern. The best style of footwear to reach for are some women’s flats. These shoes offer the perfect combination of style and comfort all in one.

The Spring Heel Trends We're Shopping Right Now

We love a good spring clean because it allows us to say goodbye to our old shoes and refresh our collection with new ones. Warm weather means we get the chance to show off some skin, and we know the perfect style of shoes that allow you to do this. That’s right! We are talking about every girl’s favourite style of shoe – the heels! Heels are a beloved style of footwear that has stuck around the fashion scene for some time now. This range of footwear is constantly expanding and evolving to fit the demand for women’s heels and their everchanging style.

Why Low Heels Are Experiencing A Resurgence In Fashion

What goes around comes back around, right? Well, we have the proof! Everyone knows that what starts as a fashion trend one year may soon become old news the next. The fun thing about the world of fashion is that plenty of styles make their way back on the scene. One style of shoe that has done exactly that are the low heels. Time to give the low heels a round of applause for their resurgence in the fashion world. We could not be any more excited even if we tried. If you need some convincing on why low heels are becoming a popular trend again after a few years off, then keep on reading, sis!

Style Guide: The Best Shoes To Wear To Your School Formal

There are so many factors in your outfit to consider before choosing the right pair of pumps. This tip includes the colour of your dress, the accessories you decide to wear, and how you plan to do your hair and makeup. Trust us; we know it all feels a little overwhelming at times. But the team here at Vybe know how to ease the nerves and ensure you have the perfect pair of formal shoes for your special night! So if you are stuck on how to style your formal shoes or need inspiration on what design to buy, then enjoy our selection of the best shoes to wear to your formal below. We have something for everyone, girl!