Budget Friendly Wedding Shoes That Don't Skimp on Style

Special events are always a fun time to come together with friends and family to celebrate something beautiful. They are super fun which is something everyone can enjoy. The best part about special events is that they give you the perfect excuse to dress up in your favourite outfit. 


You can dress up in the most formal attire or a neat and casual look and still enjoy celebrating at the special event. Finding a look for special events is all well and good until you remember that there is a personal budget to stick to. This issue can put a restriction on your outfit options, but do not fear. 


The team at Vybe shop have come together and compiled a range of budget-friendly footwear styles for you to take some inspiration from. In particular, we have gathered a range of budget-friendly wedding shoes for the brides to choose from. 


When this wedding day arrives, you know you will want to look your best. Weddings are super special, so making sure your outfit comes together perfectly, including the shoes, will make all the difference. If you need some inspiration on wedding shoes, then keep on reading. We have a style to suit everyone’s fashion sense, girl! 


Look 1 – Wedge Heels


Treat yourself to a perfect pair of wedge heels during the season of love. It would feel rude not to invest in some super cute wedding shoes to celebrate the love all around you. Wedge heels are a go-to style of wedding shoes because of how comfortable and stylish they are. 


These pumps are also super affordable, so you could buy yourself the same set of heels in three different colours without breaking the bank. These wedding shoes are perfect for any special event because they pair well with any dress style and bridal accessories. 


If you are the bridesmaid and are looking for a pair of bridal shoes that will look gorgeous with your maxi dress, then look no further. The wedge heels are a match made in heaven when it comes to maxi dresses. 


This tip is because the wedge heel can hide underneath the dress but will ensure you look tall and fabulous all day long. For the brides to be, a pair of wedge heels can offer the same effect under your outfit, which can also help you to walk down the aisle in comfort and style. These wedding shoes are a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. 


Look 2 – Block Heels


Say hello to the comfiest style of wedding shoes you have ever seen. That’s right; we are talking about block heels! These beautiful shoes are the perfect go-to style for every girl who has a special event coming up in their social calendar. These pumps channel style, class, and comfort all in one. 


It is hard to find wedding shoes with everything you are looking for in a pair of pumps and more, but the block heel has pulled through. These are the ultimate style of wedding shoes to wear because of their low heel and affordability. 


The low-level base will allow you to dance, walk and play all day and night without worrying about sore or painful feet. Block heels look perfect with any outfit you pull together, so you do not have to think about looking stylish in these kicks. 


The block heel is an easy-to-wear style of wedding shoes, offering plenty of affordable styles so every girl can flaunt a new pair of pumps. These heels come in a range of styles, colours, and designs so, you will never have to worry about not looking your best at the special event. These affordable wedding shoes will keep you on-trend and flawless from morning to night. 


Look 3 – Diamante- Studded Pumps


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, the diamante-studded heels will have every female (and their best friend) agreeing with us. Diamonds make everything better, no matter if they are real or fake. Diamante-studded heels are what makes life worth living and are the perfect style of wedding shoes to get your hands on. These glamourous pumps offer elegance and style all in one, which is perfect for any special event. 


If you love to wear pumps that have a unique touch to them, these are the ones for you. You will challenge all normal forms with these diamante-studded wedding shoes and make a statement with your stylish pumps. 


The best thing about these heels is that they match perfectly with your jewellery. Whether you love a bold set of jewels or a subtle silver finish, we know that a pair of diamante-studded wedding shoes will take your look to the next level. Shine bright, sis! 


Look 4 – Stilettos


Slay all day and night in a pair of stilettos. Girl, your look is about to turn up the heat with perfect fit stilettos on your feet. These heels are a risky yet gorgeous style of wedding shoe to wear to these special events. 


If you love a pair of pumps that give you the most amount of height, then these are the perfect ones for you. Stilettos are a timeless classic, where you see this style come in and out of fashion very frequently. No matter what season we are in, a pair of stilettos will always look incredible.


These wedding shoes look gorgeous on the bride and bridesmaids (and the guests, too!). Every woman can wear these heels if they want to look stylish and sexy at any special event. 


Since stilettos allow you to look taller, they are best paired with a mini dress or bodycon skirt. These outfits will let your wedding shoes take the reins, so get ready for all of the compliments to roll in. 


Look 5 – Strappy Pumps


Strap yourself in because these wedding shoes are about to take you on a wild ride! Okay, maybe not too wild, but these heels are about to become your new go-to. Take a look at some strappy heels, where offer comfort and support throughout the entire duration of wear. 


The straps on these wedding shoes are the main event, so pay attention to how they are the best style of pumps to wear to your next special event. The straps on these heels can ensure your feet are safe and secure all day long, which is a must-have for your special-event pumps. 


Everyone knows that weddings are full of dancing, socialising, and walking around, so wearing the correct type of shoes is a must-have feature. You will find that strappy heels will ensure you look stylish throughout the event and will help to avoid any trips or slips on a special day. 


These wedding shoes are super affordable, so you will not have to worry about breaking the budget when investing in these pumps. 


Look 6 – Flats Galore


For the girl’s who prefer comfort over style, you must keep on reading! We have found the perfect wedding shoes for you, but the best part about these kicks is that they are also super stylish. Find yourself investing in a pair of flats and watch how comfortable you will feel in these wedding shoes. 


These flats come in a range of designs, featuring looks super formal and chic. These looks make flats the perfect style of footwear to wear to a special event, especially if you are all about comfort. 


Comfortable and affordable wedding shoes is what every girl dream of, but thanks to flats, that dream is now a reality. Style these kicks with a cute pantsuit or flowy skirt and cropped bandeau for a stylish finish. You will find that a pair of flats can turn your look from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. Amazing, right?   


Do You Need A New Pair Of Wedding Shoes? 


We hope you have found some inspiration from our suggestions and feel like you are ready to invest in a new pair of wedding shoes. Head over to the Vybe store website today and discover your new pair of pumps. Exclusive offers and these additional items like alexandra heels to your new collections of footwear. We know you will look your very best in these gorgeous and budget-friendly kicks!