Colour Block with These Block Heels!

Do you love to wear a pair of high heels with your outfits? If you are nodding your head yes, then now is the perfect time to invest in some new ones! Every girl can agree that treating herself to a new pair of high heels is the best thing ever to happen. It is a fun and happy experience that can quickly become addictive. That is why the team here at Vybe shop are here to help. 


We have gathered a range of styles and designs that are sure to tick all the right boxes. Girl, you will fall in love at first sight with the selection of chic high heels that we have on offer. The best thing about these styles is that you can colour block with these block heel shoes. 


You will love what these new arrivals high heels can do for your daily look. So if you are keen to invest in a new pair of high heels, then take a quick view below! 


Style 1 – Neon


Take your look to the next level with our range of neon high heels. These pumps are perfect for you to wear to any upcoming event. These shoes can make your day ten times better, thanks to their style and colour. These neon high heels can look perfect with just about every outfit. If you want to colour block, then our range of neon high heels are the perfect choice for you. 


 Why not try styling these pump sandals with a bright and bold coloured satin maxi dress. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of neon high heels with a bright-coloured outfit. These pump heels come in a wide range of colours and designs, so there will always be room for choice with these shoes. Colour blocking has never been easier with a pair of neon high heels, girl! 


Style 2 – Pastel


Try out a new fashion style this season with our range of high heels. You will love what a set of pastel high heels can do for your next look. There is nothing better than styling a pair of pastel-coloured high heels with your next fit. Whether it is an upcoming event or a casual day at work, you will love how fashionable colour blocking can make you look.


Pastel coloured high heels will help you achieve this look in an instant. Pastel pairs well with a range of bold and bright colours, including hot pink, green, and blue. You will find that pastel high heels can even pair up with an all-black outfit. These pastel high heels will be the statement piece in every look.


 Whether it is a set of denim jeans and a super bold top or a monochrome dress, you can trust that your pastel-coloured high heels will take you there with ease. 


Style 3 – Cake-stand


Strut your stuff from morning until night in our range of cake-stand high heels. These are the perfect set of pumps if you are looking for a unique style of shoe to wear. You will love what a pair of cake-stand high heels can do for you. Remember, these are not the type of shoes for the faint-hearted. The cake-stand feature replicates what a dessert cake-stand looks like, which is why these pumps are super unique.


 They are the perfect pair of high heels to create a colour block outfit. With these unique shoes on your feet, you will want them to be the main attraction. That is why we recommend that you style a set of cake-stand high heels with a dark-coloured outfit. Steer away from black because it is a very bold colour in itself. 


You will benefit from wearing a pair of super bright and unique cake-stand high heels with a navy, emerald, or burnt orange dress plus a cute bag. The options are endless with these pump heels, girl! 


Style 4 – Waffle-print


Do you love to rock a set of high heels from morning until night? If you are nodding your head yes, then you are in luck. Our range of waffle-print high heels is sure to keep your feet feeling comfortable, supported, and fashionable all day and night. 


In addition, the waffle-print high heels can give your look a boost of style because it is not the type of shoe you would see daily. 


We love wearing a pair of waffle-print high heels with just about every look. These are the perfect pair of pumps to wear during the summer season because they look flawless with a set of bright coloured brown pants or skirts. In addition, we love wearing a pair of waffle-print high heels in a monochrome shade. 


Whether an all-white or all-pink shoe, you can trust that these will help you stand out from the crowd when you colour block them with your outfit. 


Style 5 – Clear  


Colour blocking your shoes to your outfit may not always be feasible. That is why we are obsessed with our range of clear high heels. These pumps are perfect to pair with just about every outfit. Our range of clear high heels features transparent straps and a nude-colour base. So you may not be colour-blocking with these shoes, but you will get the chance to pair them with your outfit. 


This tip is perfect if you want to rock a vibrant and flamboyant outfit, and you will not want your shoes to clash. Our clear high heels will be a game-changer in your life. The best part about these clear high heels is that you can style them for work or play with ease. The clear pumps will blend in perfectly with your daily work outfit and can keep your feet feeling comfortable throughout the day. 


These shoes are also perfect for when you need a pair of pumps to wear to your next event. These are the type of shoes that you will never regret purchasing! So take this as a sign to purchase one!


Are you ready to colour block with our high block heel shoes? 


You can find the perfect pair of high heels right here with us. We have plenty of varying heights, styles and designs to choose from and colour block with your next favourite pair of pumps. Head to the Vybe store website today to get your hands on a stylish new pair of pumps! 


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