Complete the Look: 3 Different Ways to Wear Block Heels

Every girl knows that wearing a pair of shoes is one of the most necessary items in her outfit. It is no secret that wearing the right pair of shoes with your look can make it go from drab to fab look in a snap. One style of footwear that girls love to wear is a set of block heels. These pumps are perfect to wear with just about every outfit. You will benefit from investing in a pair of these shoes, so keep on reading to find out more.  


Block heels are a style of shoe that you can wear to just about any outfit. There is no better feeling than slaying a pair of these pumps in the best way with your know-how. They accentuate nearly every type of outfit and can take you to any event. 


Do not fear if you are stuck on what type of look to go for when wearing a pair of block heels. The team at Vybe shop has got you covered, girl! Take a quick view. We have gathered the top three different ways that you can wear block heels. They will complete your look in no time! 


1. Casually 


One of the best ways to wear a pair of block heels is to do it casually. Now, this may look a certain way to different people, but we know for sure that you will pull together the best outfit possible. A casual fit tends to incorporate a range of loose-fitted tops, pants, and skirts. If you are one to enjoy wearing dresses, then that classifies as a casual outfit too. When it comes to wearing these casual outfits, the options are limitless. 


The best way to style your pair of block heels with a casual outfit is to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. A set of these pumps can look gorgeous with just about any look, so you will no longer have to worry about your fashion sense with this look. 


Your casual outfits can pair perfectly with a block heel, no matter what colour or size. The best thing about buying these pumps is that you can find a pair in nearly every colour of the rainbow. 


This tip is super helpful because you can invest in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your casual outfit looks. Casually wearing a pair of block heels means that you can rock a set of high-waisted jeans and a formal dress with these pumps at any time. 


Wearing these block heels is something every girl has to try! 


2. Corporate 


Corporate attire is a whole new level when it comes to fashion. This area of fashion focuses on the business wear of both women and men. In this instance, we focus on women's business wear and how a pair of block heels can complete the corporate look. 


These pumps are super easy to wear, so there is no excuse for when you choose not to. Corporate attire generally comprises suit pants, suit jackets, blouses, and knitted sweaters. These outfits look flawless when they get styled with a pair of block heels. 


You can always rely on a set of block heels to turn your corporate look from a 4 to a 10 in no time. These shoes are perfect for slipping into your morning rush or warm summer day at work. You will feel like you are on top of the world when you choose to wear a pair of these shoes with your corporate outfits. Our range of block heels come in a range of designs and colours, which is perfect if you love to mix things up. 


Feel like a boss babe in these block heels and style them with the ultimate outfit – you will not regret it! Faster checkout some block heels now!


3. Formal


Do you have an upcoming formal event just around the corner? If you are nodding yes, then keep on reading. We have the best styling recommendations for you when wearing a pair of block heels with your next formal outfit. These block heels will complete your look with ease. Customer creating a good image with these pair of shoes will surely look formal for everyone.


A set of block heels can take your formal look to the next level. Whether you have a special event or family function, you can always rely on a pair of block heels to take you through from morning until night. It has varying heights that will boost heel height and design that is compatible for any occasion.


Formal attire consists of long dresses, lots of glitter and sparkle, and plenty of bright colours. These features to your formal look can pair perfectly with a set of block heels. If you choose the right colour of pumps, you will see how perfect your formal outfit becomes. 


Block heels can take the edge off of having painful and sore feet all night long. There is no greater feeling than having a comfortable pair of pumps on your feet paired with your formal outfit. Our range of block heels come in a selection of styles, including cake stand and kitten-heeled, so you will have plenty of options to choose from for your next formal event.


Trust us, girl, you will fall in love with these block heels and your formal outfit! 


4. Accessories 


Many girls forget about investing in a new pair of pumps because they need to stock up on accessories. Now, we are talking about accessories for the new arrivals shoes, but accessories for your outfit are a total must-have as well! 


Accessories for your pair of block heels will ensure that they last you a lifetime. We know how essential it is to maintain your shoes looking their very best, so the team at the Vybe store has gathered some products that can help with that.


A set of half gel innersoles may feel helpful in making your pair of block heels more comfortable. There is no better feeling than wearing comfortable block heels, but even these shoes can cause an ache in your feet. The best way to avoid this is by wearing gel innersoles for an extra layer of comfort and protection. If your pair of block heels have a stiletto-like base, then a set of heel stoppers will go a long way. 


These sit on the base of the shoe so that you can walk on a flatter and even surface. These will protect you from slipping into soft grass, dirt or drain holes. There will be hardly any injuries for you when you wear a set of heel stoppers on your shoes. 


In the Mood to Treat Yourself With New Block Heels, girl?


If you like what you see, you may be feeling intrigued to start shopping for a new pair of pumps. We have given you all of our helpful tips and tricks when styling a pair of block heels, so you will be ready to go with these shoes. Head to the Vybe website today to close checkout more! Enjoy many benefits and items varying from price low to high. Continue shopping with us!