Flat Shoes Will Never Go Out of Style

Heels are fun, elongate your legs, and give you added height, but they are not known as the best in comfort. On the one hand, women's flat shoes are practical, comfortable, and will never go out of style. 


Buying a new pair provides you with numerous outfit combinations, making you feel as if you have shopped an entire wardrobe! Of course, you would want to wear women's flats daily because they are so comfortable! 


You're in for a treat because these shoes are affordable, and the styles from Vybe are durable to last you for years and will never go out of style.


Have you thought about which style you like best? Choosing them can be tricky, but since they're the most versatile shoes you can own, you'll get maximum bang for your buck. The trendy women's flats at Vybe are the perfect gift you can give yourself! 


You can pick from nine classic colours: black, blue, green, leopard, natural, orange, tan, vanilla, and white. 


Do you still need more information on women's flats? Our team at Vybe is here to help. First, we'll give you a rundown of all the details about each style. But before that, we'll brief you on why you need a good pair of women's flats in your wardrobe! So without further ado, here we go!  


Why You Need an Excellent Pair of Women's Flats in Your Closet 


Most Hardworking Footwear


Women's flats will be your reliable daily footwear. While heels may catch your eye from the store window, they'll end up at the back of your closet most of the time. But, as you stand, walk, and run errands, you will discover that all these activities become more bearable because you're wearing women's flats. 


Good for Your Health


Women's flats give you a lot of support, which reduces joint and back pain and makes you a thousand times happier. But, of course, comfort should always be a top priority, especially if health is on the line. 


No Issues with the Balance


It lessens the risk of falling forward and losing your balance since it keeps your feet fixed and in a natural position. Also, flat shoes keep your weight from shifting forward, while stilettos force you to change how you walk. 


Works Through Different Weather Conditions


Women's flats are durable and can withstand weather conditions. So despite the possibility of getting your feet wet, the risk is lower than when wearing heels outside in inclement weather. 


Your Everyday and Travel Best Friend


Flat shoes are not bulky, so they don't take up much space or weigh down the luggage. Moreover, it's easier to dash through platforms and airports to catch buses, trains, or planes when you're running late! 


You can wear flat shoes for work, travel, cleaning, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, picnics, and other daily activities.


Different Styles at Vybe


The women's flats at Vybe come in the following sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11.


Style 1—Sandals  


Flat sandals will never run out of style because they add fun and function to your wardrobe! Whether strappy or slip-on, they are famous for keeping your feet fresh the whole day.


Breathability is essential, particularly as the weather warms up in the spring and summer. The open design of these flat shoes is great for airflow and keeping painful ingrown toenails away. 


Among all the available sandal styles, slides, which got their name from how simple it is to wear them—slide them on and off—are the most popular.


With our convenient payment options, including the possibility to buy now and pay later, Vybe's flats for women are as fashionable as they are affordable.


Style 2—Mules  


If you still need to be ready to show your whole feet, then you can opt for mules, backless flat shoes that expose your ankles. Mules are open at the back and closed in the front, which goes well with cropped pants! 


These flat shoes always stay in style with a midi skirt or a dress. They're easy to wear because you slide your feet into them.


Style 3—Women's Classic Ballet Flats


Are you looking for lightweight, flexible footwear that will never go out of style?

If yes, women's ballet flats are the best way to go! The rounded silhouette of these shoes gives your toes plenty of space to breathe and move around. Furthermore, these flat shoes conceal flaws on your feet, such as chipped nails and rough heels, which become visible with an open design.


We recommend donning this footwear with micro-mini skirts and button-downs. Wear patterned women's ballet flats if you prefer to stay low-key with clothes and make your footwear the accent piece. Go for prints! This versatile pair is a perfect fit for casual or business settings. 


Style 4—Loafers  


Loafers are women's flats that have been around all these years. They have never been out of style and will never be! 

These flats are more fashionable than sneakers and cosier than boots, so update your wardrobe with a new addition. But, of course, the ideal way to rock a loafer is to wear it with anything you would generally wear with sneakers, such as jeans, skirts, and dresses of various fabrics.


Ladies typically wear casual flats without socks, although this is changing. Some people add colourful socks to make them more vibrant! 


Give yourself the gift of shoes that will always stay in style! (From Vybe, Not a Brands Shop, of course!)


You're a knowledgeable shopper, so you know when something is a steal; we're here to inform you that any casual flats from Vybe are a better deal. We've presented our various styles, and it's up to you to do something about them! So get caught up with the trend! 


Browse our huge range and shop online at Vybe's website or the nearest store that sells them, preferably in the afternoon when your feet are at their biggest. It's best to measure and try on footwear when they are in their expanded state.


Then, make it a shopping date and bring your friends and officemates, so they can also make a bold statement for themselves at a price that is so affordable! 

Keep your flat shoes looking as new as the day you got them with our instant shine!