Flats She'll Love at Every Age!

It's never too early to start teaching your daughter about fashion. Our timeless pieces of women's flats are suitable for all ages, whether a teenager figuring out your style or a power-dressing careerwoman prioritizing comfort above all. Whatever stage you are in, our collection of women's flats will look good on you.


 All Flats' gorgeous ballet shoes and casual flats are available online at Vybe. Ballet shoes are the most versatile style of flats – slip them on for instant comfort and elegance. So what are flat shoes called?


Often when people refer to flat shoes, they talk about ballet flats. As the name suggests, ballet flats are inspired by a ballet slipper with a very thin heel and come in a huge range of designs and colours. But not only that but classic ballet flats, flat sandals, and classic colours like pink and brown.


Keep things chic with classic colours and fabrics, or make a bold statement in animal print patterns and eye-catching block colours: who knew that it was possible to feel fabulous and comfortable?

Visit our brands' shop or any store nearest you. Still, need help finding your perfect fit?


If you want to try our flats on to ensure the perfect fit, it's easy to visit one of our local stores. The price is very affordable. You can shop online, search clear filters and categories, then choose your styles, colours, and shapes.


This footwear is the perfect go-to item in your wardrobe. And you don't have to worry about wearing your women's flats down from constant use because they are durable and made for the long run. But because there are so many styles to choose from, we know how confusing and frustrating it can be to pick which is the one.


You can wear more than one pair, especially if you have affordable options. The women's flats at Vybe are all you could ask for and more! They come in nine colours, including black, blue, green, leopard, natural, orange, tan, vanilla, and white.


Allow us to explain further. We'd start with the advantages of choosing these shoes before we describe the different styles at Vybe.


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Why Wearing Women's Flats the Best for Your Feet?


If comfort is not reason enough for you to go gaga over women's flats, here are a few more reasons to consider. We at Vybe handled the labor-intensive work for you. We list a few advantages that could persuade you to buy a pair of women's flats.


  1. The overall advantages you get for your health and happiness. Women's flats prevent your feet from being uncomfortable, unlike high heels, so you'll have less back and joint strain.


  1. Its stability lowers the chance of falling forward and losing your balance by keeping your feet in a natural position and firmly planted. In contrast to stilettos, women's flats do not shift your weight forward, which would need a few adjustments with how you walk.


  1. Women's flats are appropriate for most types of weather. It may get your feet wet, but there's less risk than when wearing heels during inclement weather.


  1. Travelling in women's flats is the best for several reasons. One, they do not take up much weight or space in the luggage. Second, travelers can maximize this benefit by bringing more pairs in different colours for more OOTD options.


Two, it's easier to catch planes, buses, or trains and run across airports and platforms if you're running late.


  1. Women's flats are versatile and ideal for daily activities, such as work, travel, house chores, yoga classes, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, picnics, and more.


Style 1- Loafers 


Loafers are women's flats that are trendier than sneakers and more comfortable than boots. These shoes are chic, timeless, and comfortable. Update and upgrade your wardrobe to include these women's flats if you still need a pair.


The best way to rock a loafer is to style the shoe with an outfit that you would typically wear sneakers with, like jeans, skirts, and dresses. We've seen ladies wear them to formal events, and they looked so good! Women's flats are everywhere now, even at these kinds of events!


Rely on a pair of loafers to add texture to your overall look. These shoes are great for adding colour and personality to your OOTD.


Style 2 - Sandals 


Sandals come in different forms, whether strappy or slip-on, and nothing compares to the comfort that these women's flats can provide. Comfort is essential, especially during the spring and summer when the weather starts to get warmer. We at Vybe always remind our customers not to sacrifice comfort.


And lucky for you, our sandals are their perfect embodiment. These women's flats are ideal for warm, sunny days since their open design allows for breathability. They look nice, are light, and are perfect if you always have painful ingrown toenails.


Finally, although Vybe offers a variety of sandals, our slides are the most popular. The ease with which you wear these women's flats is how they got their name. You slide them on and off.


Our women's flats at Vybe are affordable, another plus point to consider. Our shoes are reasonably priced, and our flexible payment systems, like Afterpay and Zip, allow you to buy now and pay later.

If you get a pair now, you won't have to worry about payment until much later.


Style 3 - Mules 


With the winter season officially over, it's time to show our ankles and parts of our feet. These women's flats are perfect for people who are still getting ready to go all out with sandals because they are too open. Mules are closed-toed in the front and open in the back.


There are several ways to style them, but your best bet is cropped pants because they create a sleek silhouette. They are also good with midi skirts or dresses. Get a pair of Vybe's varied women's flats to feel more comfortable while looking more modern.


Style 4 - Women's Ballet Flats


Some people are surprised at how beautiful women's ballet flats are. Most people say that they overlook these women's flats because they are too minimalist for their liking. However, more styles are cropping up and catching well-deserved attention.


They are the shoes that, once you start wearing them, there's no turning back. The rounded silhouette of these women's ballet flats will give your toes plenty of room to breathe and wiggle. Not something we could say about pointy-toed shoes. Check through Vybe's assorted collection to see its timeless elegance.

These women's flats for ladies go well with blazer-layered jeans, casual shirts, dresses, suits, and other outfits.


 In a nutshell, they are versatile. Keep your shoes looking as shiny as the day you bought them with our instant shine, available on our accessories page.


Stop reading and start buying!


Flat shoes are an excellent choice for travel and are easy to wear. You can add them to your everyday clothes to make them more comfortable and fashionable. So sign up now and shop online!


If you can get your hands on shoes that provide comfort, class, breathability, and health benefits without costing an arm and a leg, won't you grab the opportunity? It's time to show off those sexy feet you kept hidden during the fall and winter. Head to Vybe's online shop or the stockist nearest you.


Won't it be nice to get a matching pair for your friend? Bring them along so both of you can rock the warmer months ahead!


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