How to Dress Up Women's Flats for the Office

If you are on the hunt for a new pair of comfortable and stylish shoes for your workday in the office, then look no further. Our team at Vybe have collected the best styles of footwear that we know will look stunning on your feet in and out of the office. It can be challenging to find the perfect pair of comfortable shoes for your feet but are trendy and modern. 


The best style of footwear to reach for are some women’s flats. These shoes offer the perfect combination of style and comfort all in one. Women’s flats are a timeless design of footwear that every girl can enjoy. They are perfect for a day in the office because you can jump up onto your feet with ease. 


So if you have a few errands to run throughout the day, then you can do it comfortably and in style by wearing a pair of women’s flats. Some girls may think that women’s flats are not suitable for the office because of their casual feel. 


Well, we are here to crush this assumption and show you how formal a pair of women’s flats can be. You will instantly fall in love with these shoes. Scroll down below to discover your new favourite pair of women’s flats that are suitable for the office, girl!


Style 1 – Pointed-Toe Women’s Flats! 


One of the most stylish looks of women’s flats is the pointed-toe design. These shoes are elegant, classy, and super comfortable. Pointed-toe shoes have been in and out of the fashion scene for as long as we can remember. They are usually seen in high-heel designs, but the pointed toes have now come back in the casual flats category. 


Pointed-toe women’s flats are the perfect style of footwear to wear for a day in the office. This design offers class and sophistication, the exact vibe you want to channel for your working day. The pointed-toe flats come in a range of classic colours designs. This feature is super exciting because then you have plenty more shoe options. 


Pointed-toe women’s flats look stunning in a patent finish and highlight your level of class and sophistication. The shiny look that this finish provides can tie your office outfit together. 


If you prefer wearing a pair of shoes with a matte or suede finish, then these flat shoes are also the style for you. These shoes offer plenty of versatile looks for you to choose from, so there will never be a day where you are stuck on what shoes to wear with your office get-up.


Style 2 – Jewelled Women’s Flats! 


Treat yourself to a pair of jewelled women’s flats and watch how quickly all eyes turn to you. These shoes are a must-have style for both in and out of the office. 


Women’s flats decorated with jewels, beads or glitter can take your office look to the next level. Many office outfits feature block colour: black, navy, grey, and white. We are sure that every girl would love to spice up their office attire and add a pop of colour to their look. 


The best way to achieve this is by investing in a pair of jewelled women’s flats. Adding some glam to your office look is a great way to boost productivity and enthusiasm throughout the day. If you start to feel stuck and need some inspiration to keep on going, all you have to do is look down at your sparkly women’s flats. These shoes will brighten your day and make every step count. 


Style 3 – Self-tie Women’s Flats! 


Take your office look to the next level with a pair of self-tie women’s flats. These shoes are perfect for summer days where you can show off a bit of skin and enjoy the warm breeze. Self-tie women’s flats that wrap around your calves are a must-have shoe. This type of design is similar to traditional ballerina slippers, where the self-tie ribbon offers a unique addition to women’s flats. 


These shoes now feature a ribbon, elastic, or lace self-tie tool to update with more modern designs. The best part about wearing these shoes to the office is that they give you the chance to wear fun and breathable clothing. Whether it is a pencil skirt and belt, or a blazer and shorts, we know that your office fit will look stunning with a pair of women’s flats. 


Style 4 – Women’s Platform Flats!


Do you love a boost of height? If you are nodding yes, then look no further. We have the perfect shoes for you. Platform flats for women are the perfect solution to all of your height problems. These fashionable shoes give you the perfect boost of height without compromising your style. 


These shoes come in a range of styles as well, which means you have plenty of options to choose from for your office attire. There are open or closed-toe women’s flats on offer, perfect for needing a shoe style to suit the weather. 


If there is plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies, then open-toed women’s platform flats will be your go-to. But if rain and dark grey clouds are lingering around, you are better off wearing closed-toe women’s platform flats. These shoes pair perfectly with office attire and allow you to keep within the corporate boundaries whilst also having some fun with your look. It is a win-win situation, girl!


Style 5 – Lovely Loafers!


Keep things classy with a pair of lovely loafers. These super casual women’s flats are the perfect choice of shoes to wear with your office attire. They offer class and sophistication all in one. Loafers are also a comfortable style of shoe that pairs with nearly any outfit so that you can go straight from the office to cocktails with ease. 


Loafers are simple types of new arrivals women’s flats that blend in perfectly with corporate wear. No matter what corporate outfit you wear daily, we know that you will look classy, sophisticated, and professional when paired with some loafers. 


The corporate world is about to experience a whole new you with these kicks. 


Ready To Vamp Up Your Office Look?


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