Low Heels Don't Have to Be Boring. Here's How:

Do you find that your shoe collection is lacking in some areas? Well, now you do not have to worry! Our range of footwear is sure to give your current wardrobe a run for its money. You will love what we have in store for you. Our range of low heels is a must-have for every girl. These new arrivals shoes are easy-to-wear, stylish, and never boring. If you are keen to find out more, then keep on reading. 


The team here at Vybe shop have gathered our favourite range of low heels for you to wear and pair with your next look. You will love what these pumps can do for your style, girl! 


Style 1 – Block 


Say hello to a classic style of low heels. That's right; we are talking about the low block heels. These heel pumps are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe. If you have not yet invested in a pair, now is the perfect time to make it happen. You will fall in love with these low block heels as soon as you step foot into a set. 


They are super comfy, wearable, and stylish, so you will never have to worry about staying on-trend in these pumps. We love to style a set of low block heels with various outfits. The one thing we love about these shoes is that you can wear them with just about any outfit. 


For example, why not try styling a set of low block heels with a flowy skirt and singlet top. These shoes also look flawless with a mini dress. The options are endless when you get your hands on some low block heels, girl! 


Style 2 – Kitten 


Do you love to wear a pair of stilettos? But, on the other hand, do you hate the pain in your feet after wearing your favourite stilettos? Well, lucky for you, we now have a shoe that is the perfect combination! You will find the same features of stilettos and flats in a set of low kitten heels. 


These pointed pumps are the ultimate style of low heels that every girl can wear. These shoes are super stylish and comfortable to wear, so you will never have to worry about sore feet again. Amazing, right? 


The best thing about a pair of low kitten heels is that you can style them for work and play. If you need a comfy pair of heel pumps for your day at work, then you will love a set of these low kitten heels. These shoes look perfect with a pencil skirt and loose-fitted blouse. 


Style these low heels down with a pair of linen pants and a singlet top. These outfits are perfect for some low kitten heels. So ditch your jane debster low heels and invest with these low price heels.


Style 3 – Cake-Stand


Do you feel like your current shoe collection is boring? Do you want to try new fashion styles? Well, look no further than our range of cake-stand low heels. 


This shoe features a unique base design so that you can show off your fashion interests with ease. You will love to wear a set of cake-stand low heels to special events and formal functions. These shoes are perfect for events where you want to stand out from the crowd. There is no better feeling than receiving compliments for your outfit. 


We love to pair a set of cake-stand low heels with just about every look. You will find that a flowy maxi dress or fitted mini dress looks flawless with these pumps. You can even tone down the look and wear these cake-stand low heels in a more casual setting. Style these pumps with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a cute top for your weekend antics. 


Girl, we know you will be feeling yourself from morning until night in these low heels! 


Style 4 – Platform Slides 


Check out our range of platform slides. These shoes may not classify as low heels, but we still think they fit the category. A pair of platform slides will make you feel on top of the world. These women's low heels are super comfortable to wear, stylish, and perfect for every season of the year. 


Platform slides can get dressed up or down to suit the occasion. However, this tip is a must-have in a pair of low heels. Every girl in Australia can relate when we say that these platform slides are like no other. You get height, comfort, colours, and style all in one. It is hard to find the perfect pair of colour black low heels, but we have won the jackpot with these guys. 


You will love these platform slides just as much as we do. Once you get your first pair, there is no going back! 


Style 5 – Mini Wedge             


Are you looking to get your hands on a stylish new pair of low heels? Well, look no further than our range of mini wedge pumps. These are the next best thing to a pair of high heeled wedges. You will find that a set of mini wedge low heels are perfect for your everyday wear. If you love to dress up and look flawless from head to toe all day long, then these low heels will be perfect for you. 


Mini wedge pumps are becoming a popular item in the world of fashion. There is no better feeling than showing off your latest set of pumps. You will love how these shoes look and feel on your feet. These low heels are that comfy. You will feel like you are walking on air! 




One thing to never forget when you go shopping for a pair of low heels is to get your hands on a set of accessories. Trust us, girl, you will thank us later. Buying accessories is necessary to ensure that your low heels last as long as possible. We recommend buying a set of half gel innersoles for your new pair of pumps.  


You will love the extra layer of comfort that these accessories give you. There is no better feeling than the one you get from spending a night in comfortable low heels. You will also love our range of heel-stoppers. This type of accessory sits on the base of your stiletto-like low heels. You will find that these are super supportive and can help you with your balance. 


But, of course, you would be silly to not invest in a set of accessories, girl! 


Say Goodbye to Boring Shoes and Hello to Stylish and New Low Heels!


With our range of low heels, you can achieve the perfect look of stylish and fun. Gone are the days of dull and plain outfits. So head to the Vybe website today to find your next pair of trendy low heels. Shop online now!