Purchasing Heels? Here are 5 Factors to Consider

Are you planning on purchasing a new pair of heels? We love the adrenaline rush that comes with buying a new pair of pumps, but it can feel super overwhelming as well. No one likes when they think of being overwhelmed when they are shopping for something new and exciting. To combat this feeling, we have gathered our top five tips to look out for when purchasing a pair of heels. 


These tips and tricks will guide you when you consider purchasing a new set of pumps and guide you in the right direction. Feel the best when you invest in the perfect pair of heels. Whether for a special event or to keep in your cupboard for a rainy day.


Regardless of the occasion, we know that you will benefit from Vybe's top five factors to consider when purchasing a new pair of heels. If you are keen to find out more, then keep on reading! 


1. Height 


Always remember, The first thing to consider when buying a new pair of heels is the height of the base. This tip is a necessary feature to keep in mind when shopping for new pumps like block heels, stiletto heels, kitten heels, or even heeled boots. You will find that a pair of heels come in all different height sizes, which can seem daunting at times to choose from.


Wearing a pair of super tall heels to make you feel on top of the world, and for sure, that feels the best. Channel all of your boss-babe vibes with super high pumps. You can also feel super uncomfortable in high heels, so it might feel beneficial to look more towards a low pair of pumps. Low heels are perfect for girl's who enjoy being comfortable, supported, and dressy in a set of shoes.


You will find that lower shoes ensure that you feel more comfortable compared to wearing higher pumps. The choice is entirely up to your decision, but it is worthwhile noting the height of the shoes you are about to purchase. Remember: comfortable pumps will not always compromise your style! 


2. Shape 


One factor to consider during the shopping process when buying a new pair of women's heels is the shape. This tip is not always thought about because many girls do not pay much attention to the shape. When it comes to shopping for heels, however, it is necessary to consider this feature.


The shape of the heels can apply to the front and back of the shoe. Many pumps come in various styles and shapes, including a square or rounded finish on the front. You will find that the different shapes of pumps can impact the choice of heels you decide to purchase.


Rounded fronts are a popular style in pumps, so if you want to try something new and step out of your comfort zone, then start investing in a pair of square front heels instead! These are super on-trend and will be the perfect addition to your set of heels.


3. Straps or No Straps?


The debate of straps or no straps is a never-ending one in the fashion world. Your pair of pumps can make or break your outfit, but when you choose a pair of strappy heels, you know that your outfit will look fabulous. 


We love a pair of strappy heels because they add a touch of unique fashion to your look. It feels so great when you are wearing a pair of pumps that stands out from the rest. The best part about wearing strappy heels is that they can keep your feet strapped in and ready to go for the day. If you are the type of girl who enjoys wearing a pair of heels without straps, then that is the way to go. 


Choose heels that suit your style, and wear a pair of pumps that you know you will love. Every girl loves the adrenaline rush of investing in a gorgeous pair of heels that suit their style. 


4. Colour


When you choose a new favourite pair of heels, it is necessary to consider the colour of your pumps. The colour of your new pair of heels will make or break your outfit pop. There is no better feeling than wearing pumps that are in the colour you like. 


The colour of your pumps will determine the type of outfit you wear and what accessories you choose to style with the look. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a pair of heels that are in the wrong colour and does not match your outfit. 


We know how necessary it is to invest in the right colour of heels, so this is a factor to consider when you go shopping for a new pair of pumps. If you find that colour is not your thing, all you have to do is invest in pumps that are in a monotone colour. 


This look can include black-, white-, grey- or nude-coloured heels. The choices are endless with these heels, girl! 


5. Design


The design of your new pair of heels is a factor to consider before purchasing. The fashion world is forever evolving, with the latest fashion trends and styles making their way onto the scene daily. We love pumps that are being created in ways that some may think were never possible. You can find a wide range of heels in unique styles and designs, perfect for girls who love to try new things and flaunt the latest trends. 


The design of the heels is a factor that is worth considering when you invest in a new pair of pumps. You may favour a particular design more than another, so it is best to watch for these things. If you need some inspiration on heels designs, then keep on reading. 


We love seeing square-toe pumps, cake-stand bases, and even clear-straps on the shoes. When shopping for a unique and stylish design in a new pair of pumps, the options are endless, girl! 


Who Would Have Thought That Heels Have a Secret Life?


Join in on the fun with your very own pair of heels. Our top five tips on what to look for when you purchase a pair of pumps will make all the difference in your next purchase. Head to the Vybe website today to discover more! Place your best foot forward and search through our items. Continue shopping with us!