Secret Life of Heels: 5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Heels

Welcome to the secret life of heels. Just kidding, but womens heels seem to have a life of their own, and we want in. It is no secret that wearing a pair of block heels can put a lot of strain on your feet, leaving them feeling super uncomfortable and sore.


It is not an easy task to try and find the right pair of heeled sandals that will cause you the least amount of pain and discomfort. But this is why the team at Vybe is here to help. We have jumped headfirst into the world of black heels to discover the ins and outs of what it is honestly like to wear these shoes.


It is clear that every girl needs to spend some time researching their soon-to-be new pair of animal print heels, but to save you time, we have done some of it for you.


We have gathered five main factors to consider when purchasing a new pair of heels online so you can get a bang for your buck without any worries. Scroll down below to discover the key things to consider when hunting for a new pair of designer brands pumps. We promise you your next pair of heels will be perfect for you, girl!


1. Height Of The Base


 First things first, when looking at buying a new pair of heel shoes, you need to check out the height of the base. This tip is the most necessary step to fulfill on your shoe shopping journey, as this dictates the level of comfort you will experience.


If you love wearing a pair of stiletto-like pumps, then you might be looking for some Tony Bianco heels with a super high base. Unfortunately, we can confirm that this look is not for the faint-hearted. Stiletto-like heels are super challenging to walk around in for an extended period. But if you can nail it, then props to you, sis! For the girls who need a lower base in their heels, you will find your perfect pair within this group.


Low heels are still as flawless and fabulous as the stilettos. The bonus to low heeled leather sandals is that they are super comfortable, so you can wear these for a couple of hours without experiencing pain in your feet. These shoes are perfect for young mums who love to keep up to date with the latest trends but need to wear shoes that allow them to sprint after their runaway three-year-old (hello, toddler phase!).


Consider your environment when choosing the height of your heels and find your perfect pair from there. Never fear to treat yourself to an extra pair of pumps either, girl!


2. Straps Or No Straps!?

The question on every girl’s mind when trying to find the perfect pair of heels is whether or not straps are worth having on the design. Unfortunately, straps can be both a blessing and a curse, so it is best to take some extra time to decide on this one.


Wearing mid heeled with straps comes with a list of pros and cons, so we are here to give you the shortened version. Strappy heels are a super cute style of shoe to wear when paired with the right outfit. These pumps need to be on display the entire time you wear them, as the straps usually run halfway up your leg.


Strappy heels are a modern replica of the classic ballet slipper, with the self-tie ribbons running elegantly along the portion. But, of course, they need to be on show to get the full effect of the shoe, so the perfect fit is a must. However, these shoes can be irritating to wear at times due to the self-tie straps. In addition, they loose throughout the night and constantly slip down your leg. But, as they say, risk it for the biscuit, right!?


If you feel like self-tie strappy heels are not your vibe, then invest in a gorgeous pair of heels without any straps. The majority of the time, the strappy heels have a counterpart but without the straps. So, you can find the same style and design of shoes in your desired look. Woohoo!


3. Find The Right Size And Fit.

When investing in a new pair of court shoe heels, it is necessary to ensure that the shoes are the right size and fit for your feet. Wearing uncomfortable pumps can ruin your whole experience of wearing colour pop heels, so make sure to try your heels on and walk around in them for a little to get a feel of what they will be like to wear.


The best way to check if the shoe is the right size for you is to see if your toes hang over the front of the shoe. If you notice this, then it is best to go up a size. Another thing to look for when trying on these pumps is to see how much space you have at the back of the shoe. A small gap is more than okay as it leaves space for wriggle room and if your feet potentially grow.


But, if the crack is larger than your big toe, it is a good indicator that your feet are too small for the shoe, and you will need to go down a size. Finally, the right fit for your new pair of pumps is a significant step to consider before purchasing.


Buying the wrong size can leave you walking weirdly or tripping over yourself.


4. Make And Material

When shopping for your next pair of heeled boots, it is necessary to consider the type of material that they are made from.


This tip may seem silly to believe, but trust us, it is a must-do! When you look through the range of pumps up for grabs, make sure you check the type of material. If you have sensitive skin and know that it can become irritated quickly from certain materials, it is in your best interest to check out the fabric of the shoes.


The friction between the material and your feet can become uncomfortable in a short amount of time, so it is best to avoid any platform heels with that particular material. Checking out the material is also beneficial if you are an advocate for breathable pumps. Some materials do not offer enough breathability and can leave your feet feeling sore and swollen after wearing them for so long.


If you know your feet are prone to swelling, it is best to avoid this material too.


5. Keep Your Wardrobe In Mind.

Lucky last is tip number five – where we suggest keeping the items in your wardrobe in mind when shopping for your next pair of toe heels. There is such an extensive range of square toe designed to suit women for plenty of different occasions. Due to this, the outfit you choose to wear with specific heels is how you make the perfect fashion statement.


So, when you go hunting for your next pair of super cute bridal shoes or easy steps heels, try to envision the clothes in your wardrobe that you would plan to wear with these shoes. If it does not look good in your head, that is a good sign that the heeled knee high boots you had your eyes on need to be swiped right on (we love online dating... wait, we mean shopping!).


Are You Feeling Inspired?


Are you now looking for your next best pair of heels? First, consider our five main points and watch your new pair of pumps fall right into your lap. Then, jump on to the Vybe website and add them to your shopping cart as soon as possible, girl!