Style Guide: The Best Shoes to Wear to your School Formal

Is your school formal coming up, but you have not invested in any shoes yet? Do not fear! We have the perfect selection of formal shoes for you. Finding the best shoes to wear to your school formal can be challenging at the best of times. 


There are so many factors in your outfit to consider before choosing the right pair of pumps. This tip includes the colour of your dress, the accessories you decide to wear, and how you plan to do your hair and makeup. Trust us; we know it all feels a little overwhelming at times.   


But the team here at Vybe shop know how to ease the nerves and ensure you have the perfect pair of formal shoes for your special night! So if you are stuck on how to style your formal shoes or need inspiration on what design to buy, then enjoy our selection of the best shoes to wear to your formal below. We have something for everyone, girl! 


Style 1 – Block Heels


The style of formal shoes that are hot property this season are the block heels. These pumps are making headlines in the fashion world, and it is all for the right reasons. Block heels offer the perfect combination of comfort and style all in one. 


The base of these formal shoes is low, so you will not have to worry about placing any strain on your feet. The base of these pumps is also quite thick, so you will have plenty of support for your feet for a night of dancing and posing for a picture!


Block heels are the perfect style of formal shoes to wear not only because of their element of comfort but because of their style too. This will surely stand out, especially at the wedding. This surely goes well with your partner's men's shoes like oxford shoes.


Block heels come in a range of colours and designs, making them super versatile for any outfit. These block heels are the perfect type of formal shoes to pair with your dress, so if you are worried about the pumps not matching the colour of your clothing. 


Do not worry because there is such a large selection of colours for block heels that you will be sure to find something to match. If comfort and style are what you are looking for in your pair of formal shoes, then block heels will be the perfect choice for you.      


Style 2 – Pointed-Toe Pumps


Our favourite style of heels that channel all things chic are the pointed-toe pumps. These heels have been present in the fashion world for many years now. They are becoming much more popular over time. What goes around comes back around, right? Well, that is the motto we stand to believe when it comes to formal shoes and trends. 


There are timeless classics that make their way back to the fashion scene, and pointed-toe pumps are on that list. These heels are perfect to wear as your formal shoes to give your look a unique touch. Pointed-toe formal shoes are not a typical style of footwear to wear and can help you stand out from the crowd. 


If you are wearing a long dress, you will want to make this statement piece. However, to ensure your outfit stays the centre of attention, we recommend that you wear a pair of peep-toed pumps in a neutral colour. This look can include nudes, tans, whites, and blacks. 


These formal shoes will be noticeable when you walk and pose for photos; however, they complement your dress rather than take over the show. Pointed-toe heels are an effortlessly chic and sophisticated style of formal shoes to wear, so why not try something new and flaunt your latest pumps, girl! 


Style 3 – Self-Tie Heels 


Self-tie heels are a total vibe! If you haven't already tried a pair of these on, then you are about to have a life-changing experience. This style of footwear is perfect for dresses that show a little skin. That's right – mini dresses are where the party is at! This dress allows you to flaunt your legs and your footwear for all of the class to see. 


Self-tie formal shoes are gorgeous style shoes to wear to your formal because of the unique self-tie feature. This style can come in a range of designs, including buckles, ribbons, and thins traps. No matter what you choose, we already know they will look amazing with your outfit. 


Most of the time, self-tie heels are tied around the calf of your leg, so there is a lot to show off if you decide to wear these pumps. A mini dress and a pair of self-tie heels are the perfect combinations for your upcoming event and special occasion like a wedding. You will have compliments coming in left, right, and centre, sis! 


Style 4 – Wedge Heels


Are you dreaming of comfortable formal shoes? Well, search no further than the wedge heels. This style of footwear offers the perfect level of comfort for your big night. The wedge heels are super comfy, thanks to their thick and chunky base. This feature ensures that your feet have a lot of support when walking around. 


The wedge heels give you an extra touch of height, which is perfect for long dresses. The best thing about wearing a pair of wedge heels is that they also double up as a casual, everyday pair of dress shoes. After you wear them to your formal, these shoes can then get worn on your casual nights out with friends and family. 


Wedge heels are the perfect option for formal shoes if you want to have maximum levels of comfort and support throughout your special night. A pair of wedge heels also make dancing on the dance floor a whole lot easier because of their supportive features. You will not regret purchasing these shoes for your upcoming formal!  


Style 5 – Stilettos


Feel like going all-out for your special night? Try your luck with a pair of stiletto heels, and watch your outfit transform. Stilettos are a classic style of heel, shoes dress and have been in fashion for a long time now. These pumps are a super stylish pair of formal shoes to wear on your big night. 


The best type of stilettos you can invest in are those with a high base and decorative design. These formal shoes will be the statement piece of your look, so have some fun with them and try out new footwear styles. Stilettos will not let you down, especially with their very high base. This will look well next to your partner's men's dress shoes like derby shoes.


You may find stilettos a little uncomfortable to wear, so investing in some footwear accessories will do you wonders. Try placing some heel stoppers on the bottom of the stiletto to help you keep your balance throughout the night. 


These will also stop you from falling into drain holes or slipping through the soft grass. For an extra layer of support, add some half gel innersoles to the inside of your heels. This tip will ensure there is a comfortable layer between the ground and the soles of your feet. 


Ready To Celebrate?


If your formal is right around the corner, then now is the time to invest in a pair of shoes that will tie your look together. Take this as a sign to add this to your collection. So head over to the Vybe website, and these new arrivals grab your favourite pair of formal heels at a very low price. Put your best foot forward and your night will feel amazing, girl!