THE Block Heel of the Season!

Looking for THE perfect pair of block heels to score this season can be challenging since many styles will make you drool. However, they are gorgeous, and their thick, broad heel is the most comfortable. 


So, we will explain why block-heeled shoes are the best before we discuss which style you should add to your closet this season.


Let's call in reinforcements. The team at Vybe will help, as they are the people to turn to for conversations like this one. Also, winter is approaching, so consider that factor if you want to score a pair. 


While heeled sandals are sexy and sound, we don't want your toes freezing. So instead, we'd steer you to warm footwear with block-heeled shoes to keep you stable, steady, and protected in the cold months. 


Are you excited to know what that is? Read on to find out!


What are Block Heels?


Block heels are shoes with broad heel bases that distribute your weight evenly. In addition, the support they provide relieves pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back, unlike when you wear stilettos, which alter your balance.


As mentioned, women love wearing block-heeled shoes because they are comfortable. A pair of these shoes helps add height without the pain. 


If you commute daily to work, we'd suggest getting these shoes because they won't get stuck on train tracks or pavement cracks. In addition, these shoes are ideal for long periods of standing, such as at work or during special occasions.


These are the top choices for outdoor events. They don't get stuck in soil or sand because of the larger surface area that comes into contact with the ground. But, more importantly, block-heeled shoes are the epitome of fashion and function combined. 


Adding them to your outfit instantly elevates the look of a simple dress, and they offer more support and stability, which makes them perfect for people prone to wobbling.


Block-heeled shoes with low height are available for people who are uncomfortable with too much size. You don't need to force yourself to use footwear higher than 7cm when available options range from 2.5-5cm, especially at the office.


Which is THE style of Block Heel Shoes to Choose This Season?


As much as we'd like to give you the open-toed styles, they won't be suitable for the cold months, so the answer to this question is a pair of heeled boots. 


The boots at Vybe have a block heel to provide you with the height, comfort, and warmth you need for winter.


Wearing boots in the winter keeps you steady and stable as you navigate months of wet and cold conditions. 


In addition, these will keep you healthy since the body is susceptible to the flu and other illnesses when a cold spell seeps through. And they are versatile, even for a formal occasion or special event.


The feet are the most accessible entryway for the cold to enter your body. Once they get exposed to wet ground, it will take days (and a weak immune system) to get sick. Avoid that by choosing any of the boots with block heels at Vybe.


Get to Know Vybe Boots!


Since we've already settled that this season's shoes are boots with a block heel, let's get to know the available ones at Vybe. You will love all six colours available: black, brown, multis, natural, red, and tan (or nude). So which one's your favourite colour?


You can't go wrong with tan block heels when you can't decide between black or brown. Tan is an excellent colour to wear in winter because it adds brightness to an otherwise grey and dark season. 


The tan block heels have ankle and knee-high options. Choose the boots you want depending on the coverage you need. 


From the name, ankle boots cover the entire foot until the ankles, while knee-high ones reach the knees or slightly above or below.


Try this gorgeous pair of knee-high tan boots with a cowboy vibe. These women's block heels have a leather-look finish and zip-up style, making wearing them a breeze. Wear them with tights during the winter to stay warm while parading in your dresses or skirts. 


Wear them over blue, light brown, or black jeans. Complete the look with a tan belt of the same colour to highlight your tan block heels.


Another colour to consider is black. Vybe has several black boots available, which can leave you more confused than when you started. So which of all these gorgeous block heels should you add to your closet?


If you ask us, we'll tell you to choose a pair of black ankle boots with a rounded toe design. The block heels' colour contrasts with the black patent outer material, making a great accent piece over jeans and an oversized coat. 


You can walk confidently on wet surfaces because these boots keep you steady. In addition, we ensure a snug and comfortable fit with the help of two side zippers on each foot.


Vybe has excellent natural-coloured pull-on boots if you're not into fastenings. These shoes have a pair of statement block heels, which can make anyone take a second look.


In addition, this footwear has elastic side gussets instead of fastening, ensuring effortless wear. 


Pulling on these boots takes a few seconds, making them perfect for ladies in a rush. 


This winter, don these block heels with black tights, a vintage-look denim jacket, a maroon turtleneck, and a scarf for a casual day out. If the temperature is colder, add a coat over everything.


Caring for Boots in Winter


Since block heel styles suit many natural elements, you must know several ways to ensure they remain protected and look brand new.


  • Your boots will encounter salt and water, which can ruin the way they look and cause the material to crack. Therefore, we suggest wiping them off your block heels immediately.


  • Ensure your boots are water-resistant with waterproofing products, such as polishes and sprays.


  • If they are wet, dry them naturally. It might take a day or two to dry, so hasten the process with the help of newspapers. This household item has moisture-absorbing capabilities and can help dry your boots.


Add the Season's Hottest Shoes to Your Wardrobe!


For all-day wear this season, we've got you covered! Get yourself a pair of block-heeled boots by heading to the nearest Vybe store or the online shop! Other brands won't even come close to our designs and low price points.