The Block Heels We're Loving This Season!

A new season has arrived, and it's time to break out the clothing and footwear we had to store for the winter. The block heel is the perfect match for all-day wear. In addition, block heels provide more support, and the larger surface area helps distribute your weight more evenly. 


Not only does this mean fewer painful feet, but it also reduces your risk of rolling an ankle or hurting yourself because your heel got caught! So what is the pair of shoes you've been longing to wear but can't? These high heels are the perfect fit for any outfit that looks like it stands out.


We have a range of styles and colours, like tan, nude, yellow, brown, gold, and pink. We bet they're block heels! Because block heels give benefits to your feet. Easy steps on the ground even if you wear it til night. 


This brand's shoe can also wear in office work paired with any handbag, shoulder bag or sling bag. These shoes are versatile, although winter wasn't the best for them. The good news is that spring has finally arrived, allowing us to bring our block heels out of hibernation once more.


Block heels are timeless shoes that have remained popular through all these years. Must use girl! For your top online shopping, let our brand shop be one of your top choices in having a new pair of footwear, for we have a quality and value of shoe products and services that can be ranked by brand z. 


Block heel shoes are very affordable in price. But sometimes the price is high, too low or the price low too high. Price is not a matter; what matters most is that the block heel provides more support and the larger surface area helps your feet from pain.


Different styles have come and gone, but these shoes maintained their popularity over the years. You can never go wrong in choosing this brand's shoe; our store or shop has a wide range of styles that can be seen physically. You can rank our stylish styles by brand z.


The colour nude, tan and gold is the best seller in our shop. This colour is the best suit for any occasion. Especially if your block heel is covered with style. The shop is always on sale. 


So, head on, if you are stuck on a style, try to invest in it; why not try our vibe shoes? One plausible reason for women's continued patronage is the comfort that block heels provide despite their height. Checkout now! Whether for a day or night, these block heel gives your foot forward for longer walking.


The target market for these shoes is women who love to power dress but do not have the tenacity to wear stilettos the whole day. But, hey, we don't have anything against stiletto lovers. On the contrary, we salute them because we know how uncomfortable and painful wearing them can be. Anyhow, back to block heels.


These shoes are perfect for consumers who want height without discomfort. The thick width of block heels distributes your weight evenly, reducing the pressure on the arches and balls of your feet. If you want to learn more about these stylish shoes, continue reading until the end.


The team at Vybe will give you a quick rundown of our current selection.

Find What You Need at Vybe!


Vybe constantly updates its selection to stay on top of the current trends. You'll discover that our block heels are comparable to those you see on the catwalks and in fashion publications. Let's take a look at some categories you can find at Vybe.


Category 1 - Colour


What is your preference for shoe colour? Are you daring or more subdued? When browsing through our collection of block heels, you will discover that we have them in eight colours. 


Yes, you read it correctly. You can choose one (or more, if you like) from these colours: black, gold, green, grey, natural, silver, tan, and white. We wouldn't be surprised if you purchased a pair of block heels in each colour to coordinate with your clothing.


But if you were to choose the most versatile colours, go with black and tan. If you are more daring in taste, do not be shy and follow your heart. Remember that confidence is the key.


Meanwhile, you might want to choose block heels in silver to go to formal events. It adds a touch of elegance and glamour to an evening gown. Moreover, block heels are the best footwear for formal events because they are comfortable. 


Can you imagine standing, dancing, and mingling for hours in stilettos? What a nightmare! Thankfully, block heels distribute your weight evenly, so you don't have to worry about losing your balance and toppling forward.


Category 2 - Size


Do you already know your shoe size or find that your size changes depending on the brand you buy? At Vybe, our block heels come in 11 sizes. These sizes are 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. 


Shopping for your shoe size at Vybe is one of the easiest because you can always refer to our handy size guide. In addition, you can compare Vybe sizes with their UK, US, and EU counterparts. As long as you know the size of your block heels in one of these measurements, you can quickly figure out your Vybe size. 


In addition, if you are in between sizes, we suggest taking the bigger one. Finally, we have an essential tip for finding the correct size of block heels. Did you know that the best time to buy them is in the afternoon or evening?


Your feet swell up later during the day. As such, it's best to try on block heels or get measurements when your feet are at their largest size. 

Category 3 - Height


The block heels at Vybe come in the following heights (cm): 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, and 9. To help you decide the ideal height for you, we will further classify them into low, mid, and high.


  • Low-block heels are typically between 3-6 cm.
  • Mid is 6.5-8.5cms.
  • High is all those beyond 9cm.


Your common sense and tolerance level will lead you to the right height for you. We at Vybe find that mid is perfect for an all-day event that can turn into a night out. It's high enough to give you extra length and fierceness but not so high that you'll start to hurt by the end of the day.


We should remember that the higher you go, the less comfortable your block heels will be. Always prioritise your comfort. All it takes is confidence for you to pull off whatever footwear height you choose. 


Make Them Last!

We understand the trouble you went through to pick your ideal pair of block heels. As such, we would like to give you a few tips on how you can take care of them and make them last longer:


  1. Constantly clean your shoes. Do not let dirt and grime stay on your block heels. Wipe them down as soon as you get home before storing them away. 


  1. Store your block heels properly. If budget permits, you should invest in a shoe closet. Cheaper alternatives are shoe racks and shoe bags. If you take your block heels out, check if they are still sturdy and safe to use.

  1. Consider using stoppers to prevent damage on the tips of your block heels. They prevent your shoes from digging into the ground or scraping against pebbles and pavement cracks. You can get some in our accessories section.


Go For It!

Forget about the doubts and worries in your mind. You deserve to get a pair of Vybe's stunning shoes. They are stylish, versatile, comfortable, and always in fashion. 


Head to Vybe's online shop or the stockist nearest you. You won't regret getting a pair because they are vegan-friendly. Shop now!