The Flats of the Season are from Vybe Shoes

If you’ve been searching for the perfect pair of women’s flats to complete your wardrobe, it’s time to end your quest. Vybe Shoes is a reputable brand with a varied collection for different tastes and preferences. You can say goodbye to a seemingly endless back and forth because you will find all you need here.

The women’s flats at Vybe Shoes are stunning and will turn heads everywhere you go. These shoes combine fashion and function seamlessly, so ladies flock to them for a pair. The collection boasts various options for every occasion, whether for work or a night out. With these shoes, you never have to worry about being under or overdressed. And because these women’s flats can match most of your wardrobe, you’ll never clash.

These reasons prove that you need these shoes. Women’s flats must be a staple in every lady’s closet. With the range of colours and style options available at Vybe, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. How can you narrow down the choice when everything seems to be a perfect fit?

That’s where the team from Vybe steps in. A brief run-through of the different women’s flats in the collection can help you decide. If you’re ready to step into the world of extraordinary shoes, let’s start! 


The Women's Flats Collection


From classic to modern styles, the Vybe collection has loafers, women’s ballet flats, and Mary Jane, perfect for on-the-go women. With appointments and deadlines left and right, finding time to prepare and dress up can be stressful sometimes. Thankfully, these shoes are stylish and elegant, with some boasting of an understated minimalist look. With these women’s flats, your outfits will become a standout. People will take notice and wonder what changed. It’s your choice to gatekeep the brand, but isn’t it nice to be a trendsetter?

The huge range collection of women’s flats at Vybe is available in seven gorgeous colours. Each one offers a unique appeal, but one common thing among them is that they are easy to match. You won’t have trouble finding shades you can wear with these women’s flats. Which among black, gold, natural, orange, tan, vanilla, or white will make it to your closet?

Most ladies choose black because these women’s flats exude formality and professionalism. This shade complies with the strictest workplace dress codes, so it’s no surprise it’s in demand. But choosing other shades also has its perks. A metallic pair of women’s flats will add sparkle to your look. With gold shoes, you can achieve a glamorous look without much effort. Bright colours automatically become the focal point, so an orange pair of women’s flats will complete your outfit if you are into monochromatic black or white.

We mentioned how Vybe’s range of styles appeals to various tastes and preferences. What makes ladies choose the brand’s loafers, women’s ballet flats, or Mary Jane? Let’s look at each.


Style 1—Loafers


Loafers are women’s flats that have been around for years. The style’s minimalist, preppy look remains relevant despite the arrival of newer and flashier trends. 

The excellent thing about loafers is their versatility. Ladies love wearing them on business occasions like a job interview, a meeting presentation, and a networking conference. With these women’s flats, they can accomplish so much within the day without feeling tired or strained. Loafers boost their professionalism, leaving everyone they meet with a good impression of them. The firm sole makes these shoes different from other styles in the collection. Unlike flexible women’s ballet flats, loafers are firmer. Moreover, these shoes also come with chunky soles, adding height without compromising comfort.

Medina from the Vybe collection is an excellent option. These women’s flats feature cushioned platform soles ideal for long days, a gold chain across for a modern twist, and a sleek design that can boost your mood and confidence. Wear these loafers with ankle socks and a short dress for a casual weekend look or with invisible socks and pantsuits for something more professional. 


Style 2—Women’s Classic Ballet Flats


Women’s ballet flats are the epitome of style and comfort. Ladies are obsessed with getting as many pairs as possible because they are lightweight and flexible, patterned after the shoes of ballerinas. Travellers marvel at how perfect these shoes are for trips abroad. These women’s flats take minimal luggage weight and space, so packing them is easy. Others prefer wearing them during flights because of their slip-on design, which makes airport security checks a breeze. 

Like loafers, women’s ballet flats are versatile. Since they don’t weigh much, walking around and doing errands for extended periods won’t strain your feet, unlike heavy shoes that make you tired quickly. Whether you are meeting friends for weekend brunch, sightseeing on cobblestones in Europe, or finishing a long list of tasks, expect these women’s flats to see you through.

Boost your style with Reflect, a stylish option from the Vybe collection. These shoes feature delicate lace details and bow features. This option is a favourite among brides, an excellent alternative bridal shoe that is as gorgeous as heels but more comfortable in height. Wear these shoes with denim skirts, shorts, and skinny jeans. 


Style 3—Mary Jane


Ladies are familiar with a pair of Mary Jane. These women’s flats graced their closets at some point, most likely when they were younger, as they are also an in-demand style option for academic shoes. Characterised by its round toe shape and single strap across the instep, Mary Jane is easy to dress up or down. The shoes can complete any look, ensuring every item ties together. Whether it’s shorts, a dress, tapered pants, or tights and a long blouse, expect these women’s flats to boost it up! 

Marion is an online-exclusive option from the Vybe collection. These women’s flats have a low wedge heel for a comfortable elevation and a small, metallic detail that fastens the strap for security. Wear these shoes when you want to maintain a stylish, understated vibe.


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