The Pair of Block Heels That is a Vibe!

A vibe can be good or bad, but with Vybe women's block heels, it will always be good! So now, what do these have that give off a good vibe?

Block-heeled shoes are famous for their thick, broad heel, which distributes your weight evenly. The description alone motivates women to buy shoes like these. Who wouldn't want to purchase block heeled shoes when they scream comfort?

The good thing about these is they can fall under low or high and provide the same weight distribution that removes the strain from your feet and legs—a godsend.

Now that we have highlighted the comfort you can benefit from wearing block-heeled footwear, the next question is: which pair in our range should you choose?

We understand you need some guidance in deciding among considerations that include colour, style, material, and size. 

We heard your call for help, and the Vybe team is here to give you what you need. There are nineteen products available at Vybe, so let's start!

Choose Your Colour 

Do you have a colour vibe? Is there a particular colour that gets your attention and is your favourite?

The best way to know your favourite colour is to open your closet and figure out the most common colour. In choosing the colour, decide whether you want them to blend with your overall look or if you want them to stand out and be the focal point. 

You'll get five different colours when you search for the available Vybe block-heeled shoes. These are five colours: black, natural (nude), silver, tan, and white. Most of these will match the existing outfits in your wardrobe. 

When events are more formal, we suggest going for silver. Black shoes are ideal for everyday wear, particularly for work, while white has the perfect vibe for picnics and Sunday brunches.   

Select Your Style of Block Heel Shoes

Are you more of a sandal or pump person? 

The Vybe style that will vibe with you will depend on the occasion, your lifestyle, and what makes you comfortable. Let's look at the styles available and select one that shouts, "I'm your vibe!"

Heeled sandals go first. These heels vary in formality but look similar with their ankle straps and a single strap across the top of the foot. The casual ones are ideal for picnics and get-togethers, while those with a faux suede finish and a dazzling band of diamante should appear at weddings and special occasions. 

With the larger surface area of these heels on your feet, you can be comfortable after partying for three hours while showing off your well-manicured toes.

Pumps are the best if you're looking for footwear for busy days at work. These block heels add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The style encloses the whole foot, leaving only the top exposed, which is a great way to give some breathability to your hardworking feet.

If you're considering these block heels, ensure that you get rounded or squared toes instead of pointy ones to prevent pain and discomfort caused by squeezed toes.

Are you in the market for a casual, flirty vibe?

If yes, take a few seconds to admire the low-heeled mules. These shoes are ideal for busy women who want to look their best at every turn. 

After sliding your feet in, which shows how easy it is to wear them, look for a dress that ends at or slightly above your ankles. Never hide the beauty of mule block heels under long baggy clothes. Choose those that leave a few inches of skin above them. 

Materials are Critical 

There are two materials available for Vybe block heels: vegan-friendly and leather. 

Are you on the fence about these block heels? Vegan-friendly materials mimic genuine leather without the use of any animal products. 

Block heels made of this material look and feel like leather but come from artificial or plant-based materials. What are your thoughts on this?

Allow us to explain the benefits of going vegan-friendly. First, choosing vegan-friendly block heels means zero animal cruelty, as the shoes' production did not harm any animals. 

Second, animal farming, which is necessary to make leather, causes pollution and leaves a big carbon footprint. You can live sustainably and protect the environment when you opt for vegan-friendly block heels.

While vegan-friendly materials are less expensive than leather, they are less durable. So, if you are looking for block heels that can last longer and withstand the wear and tear of external elements, go for genuine, authentic leather. 

Size Matters 

Women often say that they vibe with block heels that fit them perfectly; as such, choosing your Vybe size matters. However, please remember that different brands' sizes vary, so you must get your accurate size in Vybe block heels.

When browsing, you will notice that these shoes come in the following sizes: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. If your size in Vybe block heels falls on a half size not indicated here, we suggest going for the bigger size. 

We suggest checking out the handy size guide, which has conversions from the US, UK, and EU systems. You can use it to figure out the rest if you know your ideal size in block heels from any of these measurements.

You want your block heels to fit you even when your feet have swollen from all the standing, walking, and running you did all day. Measure your feet in the afternoon or at day's end when your feet are at their largest size. Doing this will guarantee you a comfortable experience. 

Bring in the Good Vibes!  

Do you agree that your shoes say so much about you? 

If yes, you need block heels for all-day wear (or all-night!) that bring in the (good) vibe! We have a huge range of styles to suit your taste that won't put a dent in your budget!

Since any day is ideal for shopping for shoes, why don't you head to the Vybe online store or nearest retailer so you'll start vibing sooner? 

All the information we shared should help you figure out which shoe will elevate your shoe game.