The Spring Heel Trends We're Shopping Right Now

It is springtime, and what better way to welcome in the warm weather than by investing in some new shoes. 


We love a good spring clean because it allows us to say goodbye to our old shoes and refresh our collection with new ones. Warm weather means we get the chance to show off some skin, and we know the perfect style of shoes that allow you to do this. 


That’s right! We are talking about every girl’s favourite style of shoe – the heels! Heels are a beloved style of footwear that has stuck around the fashion scene for some time now. This range of footwear is constantly expanding and evolving to fit the demand for women’s heels and their everchanging style. 


Us gal-pals love to show a little skin in spring, and the best way to do it is by flaunting some gorgeous, on-trend heels. We love all of the new styles of pumps that are making their way into the fashion scene. 


There are plenty of styles that suit the spring weather, so you will not have to worry about anything. If you are stuck in a rut and do not know what type of heels to invest in for spring, then look no further. We have gathered a selection of trendy heels that you need in your life this season. 


Scroll down below to check out our favourite spring heel trends that you can jump on board with. We know you will be vybe-ing with plenty of styles!


Style 1 – Platform Heels 


Get your shopping basket ready because you are about to fill it up with some new spring heels. One style we are in love with is the platform heels. 


This shoe offers a thick sole for your feet so that you can get a boost of height in these pumps. The platform heels are a more casual style of footwear so, you can still get the fashionable look of heels, but without needing to sacrifice your comfort. 


Platform pumps are perfect for spring because they can turn any outfit from drab to fab instantly. We love rocking a pair of platform heels, and we know you will too. These pumps come in a range of styles and colours, which means you will get spoiled for choice. 


Platform heels generally offer a slip-on-and-off option, so you can wear these on a night out with friends and come home to jump straight into bed and kick your platform pumps off your feet. They truly are the ultimate style of shoe to wear this spring! 


Style 2 – Wedge Heels


Check out these super trendy wedge heels. They are the go-to style of pumps for your spring wardrobe collection. 


Wedge heels make every girl’s life so much better, thanks to the level of comfort and style that they provide. The wedge base offers a more stable platform to walk in, which means you can wear these pumps from day to night with ease. 


This style of shoe takes inspiration from the fashion trends in Europe, where locals love to rock a bit of skin and show off their fashion sense. During the European summer, you will find most people wearing wedge heels from morning until night. 


These pumps are truly the best style of footwear to own and flaunt during the warmer seasons. For an Australian spring season, a pair of wedge heels are perfect with maxi dresses or long skirts. These shoes can take your spring fits up a level when you need it most, girl! 


Style 3 – Block Heels 


Now, we can not forget the pair of block heels for your spring wardrobe. These pumps are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. The best thing about a set of block heels is that you can easily wear them all year round. We love a versatile shoe, don’t we?! 


Block heels are perfect for your spring attire as they are breathable and easy to slip in and out of. These shoes come in a range of colours, shapes, and styles, so your collection of block heels for spring will be forever changing. Trust us this, is a good thing for your fashion sense, but maybe not your bank! 


These pumps look best when styled with a range of bodycon dresses or high-waisted jeans and a cute crop. There are so many outfit styles you can rock with a pair of these shoes during the springtime, so it is a win-win situation. Treat yourself to a set of these pumps, and watch how your spring outfits go from 0-100 real quick. 


Style 4 – Strappy Sandals 


Now, you may be wondering how strappy sandals fit into the spring heels category. Well, we are here to answer that question. Strappy sandals are making a statement in the fashion world and especially for the spring season. These shoes fall into the category of heels, thanks to their platform base. 


These kicks give you the perfect combination of comfort and style, so all you need to do is find the outfit to match. These shoes are worthwhile investing in because of how versatile they are as well. 


You can wear these pumps with ease in a casual setting or a formal environment so that you can go from brunch to cocktails by the beach in no time! 


Style 5 – Pointed-toe Pumps


Let’s welcome the spring weather by wearing a pair of pointed-toe heels. These pumps are hot property in the fashion scene because of the unique style they provide. Pointed-toe heels offer a chic and sophisticated look that is hard to replicate in other shoe styles. These pumps are perfect to wear during a day in the office and then straight to after work knockoffs. 


You will look flawless in a pair of pointed-toe heels no matter what outfit you pair with them. These shoes are perfect for a warm spring day because they look stunning with a pencil skirt for office hours and a pair of suit pants for special events. 


Channel your inner boss babe vibes with these pumps and style them with a fitted pantsuit. You will look effortlessly flawless in these shoes. 


Style 6 – Stilettos


Feel young, wild, and free in a pair of stilettos this spring season. You will find that stilettos can tie any spring fit together with ease. These heels are the easiest style of footwear to throw on when you are in a rush but need a classy shoe to wear to your next event. 


Stilettos are a timeless classic that can get paired with just about any outfit. All the summer dresses come out to play during spring which is perfect for a pair of stiletto heels. 


You can look super cute in these pumps, and when paired with your best spring dress, you know that all eyes will be on you, queen! 


Ready to get your hands on some new spring heels?


It is the time of year where you can treat yourself and not feel bad about it. Give yourself a gift and invest in some heels this spring. If you love what you read, then head over to the Vybe website and find your next best pair of spring pumps!