The Women's Flats You Need This Season!

Women's flats are in demand because they bring ultimate comfort to the wearer. Do you love walking barefoot at home?

If yes, it's the same principle except that these are your shields from sharp objects that can wound your feet. Wearing these shoes is a joy because you can dress them up or down without any hassles. 

With a single pair of women's flats, you can create multiple looks—from dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, and even athleisure. Name it, and these shoes can do it.

However, since they are a broad footwear category, you'll get varied styles appropriate for all seasons or selected ones only. We should keep our sandals and slides in the closet with winter inching closer. 

We want your toes intact and your feet warm, so we're focusing on women's flats that provide coverage. Which style comes to mind?

For more details and information on the women's flats, you need this season, our team at Vybe is glad to help. Who else should get the ball rolling on this discussion but the people who know them like the back of their hands? If you're eager to start, let's do it!

What Are Women's Classic Ballet Flats?

Have you ever seen ballerinas dance?

If yes, you'd understand the basic concept of women's classic ballet flats—flexible and lightweight. The characteristics of this footwear follow those of the footwear ballerinas wear, hence the name. 

This footwear has been around for a while because everyone now prioritises comfort. 

Many have shifted from constantly wearing heels because they felt the difference. And once you've tried the women's classic flats from Vybe, you'll likely follow suit.

Why should I wear these shoes?

Look around you, and you'll notice many people wearing these shoes. Ladies have spent a lot of time wearing heels, thinking it's the only way to go, but end up experiencing pain and strain at the end of the day. 

So is it worth all the trouble? Why tolerate it when there are women's flats that make you realise it's possible to combine style and comfort in one pair?

1. Comfortable

These shoes are comfortable because they distribute your weight over the flatbed, ensuring no single point on your feet feels added pressure. However, heels tend to alter your balance, shifting your weight forwards, which causes discomfort.

On the one hand, these allow you to maintain a naturally aligned posture. But, more importantly, this footwear has a roomy toe box and primarily rounded toes, which are ideal for balance and stability. 

On the other hand, no one likes having their toes squeezed, which causes blisters.

2. Ease of Wear

While many shoes are comfortable, not all are easy to wear. For example, would you want to spend extra time tying and adjusting laces when running late?

Instead of struggling with boots or sneakers, you can slip your feet into women's flats and head out the door. 

They're easy to remove, too, if you're by the beach and have the urge to feel the sand on your toes. But, more importantly, these pairs are the best for travelling through airport security checks. 

3. Versatile

With women's flats, you do not need a second pair of footwear to change into because you can wear them all day—from brunch, work, errands, dinner, and after-dinner drinks. 

And don't forget about dancing, where you can spend hours twirling all night without feeling the strain.

Besides, ladies used to bring these flats as their extra footwear, which they changed into when their heels gave them pain. But look where they are now; these shoes steal the show!

4. Stylish

Vybe has stylish women's flats for every day and every occasion. We can understand if you feel overwhelmed by the variety of gorgeous styles available since each pair in the collection has its own unique appeal. 

We'll highlight some of these pairs to make it easier for you.

What would you say to a pair of white shoes with delicate lace details and a bow feature on top?

It looks so dainty and elegant that it's Vybe's hottest women's flat for brides. These shoes will make you forget all the other footwear styles you previously owned. Wearing them will make you look sweet, subtle, and effortlessly put-together.

While lace material may not provide much warmth during the winter, you can always add tights or pantyhose instead of wearing them bare-legged. Pair this footwear with a chic minidress, then layer on a long sweater, and you're all set!

The next pair you must consider is reminiscent of the original women's ballet flats, which are foldable and can fit your bags. These shoes come in tan, a nice colour to add to your shoe collection. 

Wearing tan during the winter will attract attention since it's different from the usual black women's pairs that people choose. Be the source of light during the season of grey and gloom.

Let these pairs take centre stage with their one-of-a-kind ornamental buckle over your toes. 

Then, wear it with an all-black monochromatic winter outfit—a turtleneck, capri skinny jeans, beanie, and coat—so people can notice your footwear from a kilometre away.

5. Lightweight

Did you know you make your leg muscles work harder if you wear heavier shoes?

Because of the winter, your feet are already carrying your body weight and the extra layers of clothing, so help ease their burden by wearing lightweight women's flats.

These shoes are one of the best travel companions because they don't take up space or weight in the luggage. As mentioned, some women's flats fold, which takes up even less space.

Don't wait any longer!

Women's ballet flats deserve a spot in your shoe closet because they give you more bang for your buck. Never compromise comfort over style because you can have both, among other characteristics, in a single pair! 

From office attire to casual flats and flat sandals, we have you covered with a huge range of styles and shapes in our selection. Fabrics like leather make our sandals and shoes fashionable and comfortable.

We have a wide range of colours, from the more classic colours to those that make a bold statement, such as pink and other traditional pastels. 

When you pick one, you’ll see it comes at a very reasonable price. It will be easy to indulge and get a second pair in a different colour! And getting the perfect fit is no problem—just use one of our handy size guides.

Our brand of classic ballet flats is always in style and can be worn with any outfit, while our flat shoes and loafers complement casual and formal attire. 

You won't find our shoes at a brands shop, so you better head to the nearest Vybe retailer store or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later. 

Be sure to add invisible socks to wear with your shoes before checking out!