The Women's Flats You Simply Can't Live Without

What's an average day like for you? Do you like it crammed or chilled?

Whether your schedule barely has breathing space in it or you space out your activities, one thing you should never miss is wearing a pair of women's flats to get you through the day. 

If you wear these, you'll be comfortable and fresh no matter what life throws at you. So what is it with women's flats that ladies can't simply live without them?

These are like magic because they know how to start and end your day on a good note. What do we mean?

For instance, you start your day feeling lazy, wondering if there's something in your closet that can turn your mood around. Then, you lay your eyes on a pair of Vybe women's flats in the colour orange. Won't that instantly brighten your mood?

Shoes, specifically flat shoes, are pretty and pleasing to the eyes. Girls love anything that looks good, so owning something great will make them feel better.

You forget about your worries, engrossed in trying out different outfits that will look good with your shoes. Before you know it, you're ready to head out, feeling 100 times better than when you woke up.

That's when you know that you can't live without Vybe flat shoes. So now the question is, which one is it?

Our team at Vybe will help you decipher what it is about flat shoes that you can't get enough of, pushing you to have them in your closet. These have become so addicting that ladies can't live without them.

Why is there more interest in flat shoes than in other styles?

Over time, more ladies have moved to the flats lane, abandoning their heels. The top reason could be comfort.

Women found health benefits in donning flat shoes. It's impractical to hobble through steps, elevators, buildings, and people while trying to complete a lot in one day.

Women's flats leave your feet in their natural position, free to move around without the fear of toppling over. On the other hand, high heels force them into an unnatural position—a steep incline where your centre of balance shifts. 

It adds strain and pressure on your lower limbs and lower back, which can cause permanent damage. So we said goodbye to the days when ladies only wore them on casual occasions. Feel much better?

Another reason is their versatility. Women's flats are present at all events nowadays. We said goodbye to the days when ladies only wore them on casual occasions. So again, we go back to the top reason people can't live without these shoes: comfort.

They worked in women's flats because of their flexibility and comfort. They're now everywhere!

Available Styles at Vybe (From Classic Ballet Flats to Mules)

After determining why people can't live without women's flats, let's head to Vybe's collection to substantiate the reasons better. Talk about a vast range—casual flats, flat sandals, sneakers, and so on!

Get a pair of flats for women at Vybe! Not only are they the most fashionable ones out there, but they are also comfortable, versatile, and cheap. Compare our footwear with the Marc Jacobs and Diana Ferrari brands to see how they compare. We are sure you'll be amazed at Vybe's lower price points.

Even though the shoes cover the toes, the designs allow air to circulate by incorporating beautiful cutouts that allow moisture to escape. Other women's flats, like sandals, are more open and ensure your feet remain fresh all day.

Available Colours at Vybe

The colours of women's flats contribute to their versatility. For instance, classic colours like black, white, and natural make it easier to pair them with all the different outfits in your closet.

Black footwear can take you through an event-filled day, starting with brunch, work meetings and presentations, dinner, and after-dinner cocktails. 

On most occasions, you can wear flat shoes in this colour, especially loafers and women's ballet flats. But, of course, you can only live with a pair of these.

It pays to step outside your usual choice, even with women's flats. Aside from the typical, shift your gaze to the more vibrant ones as they take you out of your comfort zone. 

You never know what you might discover by trying colours you never thought possible. How about going for flat shoes in green, blue, or printed ones like leopard?

With nine shades total, we guarantee you can find one at Vybe, with which you can make a bold statement! 

Available Sizes at Vybe

Size matters when talking about the comfort of flat shoes. However, never force your feet into smaller footwear if your only goal is to look good. The repercussions of ill-fitting footwear can be permanent and painful.

Please remember that when shopping for footwear, you must consider function and keeping your feet in good shape over fashion. However, you don't have to choose one over the other regarding Vybe women's flats because you can always find suitable styles in your size.

A vital tip to remember when buying flat shoes is never to assume that one brand is the same size as another. At Vybe, you can compare and discover your size with the help of the handy size guide.

Take your measurements seriously at all times, especially in the afternoon, because your feet naturally get bigger as the day goes on. Once you find the ideal size that fits you like a glove, we bet you won't live without that pair of flats.

Elevate Your Vibe with Vybe!

There is one test that ladies do to determine if they must buy the shoes. Once you find the perfect flats that tick the style, colour, and size boxes you want, step away from the store or website. 

If you can't get it out of your head after some time, you can't live without it. So stop torturing yourself and get one by heading to the Vybe online store or the nearest shop!