These Are THE Women's Flats of the Season

A woman who cares about her health and style keeps an excellent pair of women's flats in her closet to avoid wearing heels. 


While heels are gorgeous and can elongate your legs, there's a limit to how often you should wear them, especially with the potential strain and pressure they may cause you.


You must have a handy pair of Vybe women's flats in these situations. These shoes are available in various styles that allude to chicness and versatility. 


You can wake up worry-free every day because you have a pair of women's flats that can take you anywhere and anytime.


But since several kinds are available and it can be tiresome to narrow it down to the best one for this season, our team at Vybe will let you in on a little secret. 


This style is THE Vybe women's flats of the season, and if you're ready to discover which one, please read on!


Cut-Out Women's Flats


Cut-out shoes are unique and like no other because of their design, which features various cut-out patterns or perforations that create an open layout. 


Instead of having a solid upper that covers the entire foot, these women's flats have different shapes and designs that provide a unique aesthetic and appeal to the shoes.


While this style is ideal for warmer months like spring and summer because of its breathability feature, you can still wear it in colder months with the help of tights. 


Cut-out women's flats come in various styles, like loafers and sandals, and offer a more fashionable alternative to more traditional ones while providing the same level of comfort. 


If you think heels are sexy, the cut-outs provide silhouettes that make your feet look more attractive while leaving some parts to the imagination.


Lois is a cut-out women's flat from Vybe. The semi-formal shoe is a mix between a loafer and a dress shoe. Available in black or tan, these shoes have a lace-up fit, airy open sides, trendy diamond cut-outs, and a woven material. 


Another style to look out for is Calypso. These cut-out women's flats are perfect for work and play with their easy-to-wear, slip-on design. 


These vegan-friendly point loafers have cute cut-outs on their outer materials, boosting your vibe. Always look and feel your best with THE women's flats of the season! 


Benefits of Wearing Cut-Out Women's Flats


This style shares several benefits with its more-traditional counterparts. Let's look at the advantages of wearing these women's flat shoes.


  • Comfort


Cut-out flats are comfortable because your feet stay level throughout—no strains or pressures caused by steep inclines and narrow heels. Cut-outs provide a more relaxed fit, with the openwork design allowing the footwear to adapt to the natural contours of your feet.


  • Lightweight


Women's flats are lightweight, which makes them the best travel companion. But cut-out shoes are even lighter because of the reduced material they use. These shoes won't take up much luggage space or weight and will make your travel photos more stylish and attractive than usual.


  • Breathable


As mentioned earlier, the cut-out design allows for better circulation, which prevents excessive sweating and keeps your feet fresh all day.


  • Ease of Wear


Most cut-out flats are slip-on or have adjustable fastenings that make them easy to wear. This feature makes them practical to wear on most occasions, especially if you're in a hurry. 


The possibilities are endless, especially since these cut-outs also provide stability. You can finish all your tasks and errands without feeling uncomfortable.


  • Transitional


Transitional and versatile go hand in hand because cut-out flats can change from casual to slightly more formal settings within seconds. For instance, you can wear them to the mall while shopping for a gift you will bring to the party you're going to. 


You don't have to change from one style to another and head straight to the party because these shoes do the trick.


Styling These Shoes


Achieve a casual chic look with cut-out flats by wearing them with a flowy sundress or mini dress. The cut-out adds a playful vibe to the outfit, which you must complete with oversized sunglasses.


If you're not into an ultra-feminine look, pair your cut-out flats with denim jeans. Go for boyfriend, skinny, or cropped. 


When wearing pants, we recommend you cuff them at the ankles to showcase the shoes. It will be such a waste if you cover the flats. Complete this combination with a tucked blouse or a plain casual tee.


Is your closet filled with neutrals like black or tan? If yes, now is the perfect time to go monochromatic with the black or tan cut-out flats from Vybe. 


Achieve a sleek appearance by matching your shoes to the colour of your outfit. Opting for a monochromatic ensemble in classic colours enhances your style and conveys an elegant aesthetic.


Spend your weekends in a no-fuss outfit, where people effortlessly achieve the straight-from-bed look. 


The versatility of cut-out women's flats allows them to match with leggings or joggers for that athleisure lazy look. Throw on a hoodie or fitted sweatshirt to complete the sporty look.


Meanwhile, since you spend most of your week at the workplace, you need some things to make these women's flats appropriate for work. 


Check how strict the dress code at your workplace is before venturing there with your cut-out shoes. If acceptable, wear cut-out shoes with tailored pants, a blouse, and a blazer for a professional yet comfortable look.


Shop at Vybe!


Vybe has all kinds of flat shoes, including this season's IN style. Aside from ticking off all the features and benefits mentioned, cut-outs are a cut above the rest. Are you daring enough to wear this trendy footwear?


If yes, head to the nearest Vybe retailer store or shop online for a pair. Take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!


Having several pairs of flat shoes is always a good idea. With a wide variety of cut-out shoes, flat sandals, and casual flats, you can easily find the perfect footwear for any occasion.


We'll reserve discussing classic ballet flats, a timeless shoe type that can complement any ensemble, from jeans to dresses. Opt for classic colours such as pink or leather for an elegant look, or make a statement with bright and eye-catching hues. 


With this footwear, you can easily emulate the style of renowned designers like Marc Jacobs or Diana Ferrari to make a bold statement. They will remain fashionable for years to come!