What Heels to Wear to Work When You're Told to Dress Smart Casual

There is a range of shoes that women can wear for their daily activities—one place where shoes can help you make a statement in the workplace. You will find that wearing a stylish set of kicks can make your work outfit ten times better. When you need to dress smart-casual to work, it is common sense to reach for a pair of heels to achieve this look.


Women find that wearing a pair of heels can be either a good or bad thing, but the team here at Vybe are here to convince you otherwise. Wearing a pair of heels is the best thing you can do for your smart-casual work look. A set of pumps can ensure that you look sophisticated and stylish all in one. You will never regret wearing a pair of heels to the office, so if you are feeling stuck on which style of pumps to wear, keep on reading. 


We know what shoes are popular and on-trend, so you can trust us to provide you with some of the best styles to choose from. Our range of pumps that are perfect for your smart-casual work look is down below, so keep on reading! 


Block Heels


First up on the must-have list of shoes for your smart-casual attire for work is a set of block heels. Get excited to wear a favourite pair of these pumps to your next day in the office. 


Block heels are stylish, comfortable, and sophisticated when paired with the right outfit. You will find that these pumps are perfect for when you need to dress up but still want to feel comfortable throughout the day. There is no better feeling than wearing a comfortable set of heels. 


These shoes will ensure that you are feeling your very best from morning until night. The best thing about these heels is that you can wear them to work and dinner straight after. These versatile pumps are a must-have style to have in your wardrobe. 


Your smart-casual office outfit will bring compliments in from left, right and centre. This set of these pumps will make you feel like you are walking on air, girl! 


Wedge Heels


Girl, get ready to invest in the perfect pair of comfortable shoes! That's right; we are talking about a set of wedge heels. These pumps are the comfiest style of footwear to exist under the category of heels. 


These high heels feature an elevated chunky base, with a levelled base underneath the front of the shoe. This feature allows your feet to feel comfortable all day long. No matter what type of attire you choose to wear to the office for the day, you can be sure to trust a pair of wedge heels to tie it all together. 


These pumps look perfect when styled with a cute pencil skirt and button-up blouse. Wedge low heels will turn this look into the smart-casual outfit pop that you need in your life. Experience working with fun when you rock a pair of these pumps daily. Reach new heights with this pair of shoes.


Pointed-Toe Kitten Heels


Spice things up with your smart-casual office look with a pair of pointed-toe kitten heels. This style of shoe channels all things smart and sophisticated, which means that they will be perfect for your day at work. Pointed-toe kitten heels look exactly like how they are described. 


You will find a pointed-toe shape at the front of the shoe, which highlights sophistication and class. The little kitten heel adds a touch of elegance and is a play on classic footwear styles from the past decades. These women's heels are the perfect style of shoe to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. 

You will find that these pumps are versatile because you can wear them to work and straight to a family dinner at night. These are super comfortable thanks to the low base, which makes them easy to walk in. We cannot wait to see how you shine brighter with a pair of these pumps for your next workday, girl! 


Boots With Heels


Check out our range of heeled boots for your next work outfit. When you get told to dress smart-casual, it can feel like there are too many options to count. But do not fear because the team at Vybe have got you sorted. 


We know what it is like to feel pressure when choosing your next pair of shoes for the office. There is even more pressure on finding the perfect outfit to match. But that is why our range of heels at Vybe has something for everyone. A pair of boots with heels is a safe style to reach for. 


They look great with just about every type of smart-casual office outfit. Whether it is raining or shining outside, you can always rely on a pair of these boots with heels.  




Get ready to strut yourself and stuff in a pair of stiletto heels to your next working day in the office. This style of heels is a classic choice to reach for daily. You will feel confident and sophisticated in any pair of stilettos. Remember that these pumps can feel hard to walk in, but you are good to go if you ace the strut. Stilettos give you a sophisticated and boss-babe vibe from morning until night. There is no better style of heels to wear than stilettos. 


These pumps look best with a dress, pencil skirt, jeans, and flowy pants. The options are endless with a pair of stilettos, so get ready to invest in a set of these bad boys ASAP! The best part about investing in stilettos is that you can wear this outside of the office as well. 


If you have a special occasion and event coming up or a formal family function, then you will be outfit-ready with your pair of stilettos. From work to the party, these heels are sure to make all heads turn! 




One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a pair of new heels is to invest in accessories for the shoes. This step is something that almost every girl forgets when they purchase a new pair of pumps. Accessories for shoes are a must-have so that your heels last for as long as possible.  


You will benefit immensely from a huge range of accessories for your heels. We recommend trying out a set of half gel innersoles for your pumps so that you can get an extra layer of comfort when you spend the day walking around in them. 


Ready to take your work outfit to the next level?


Our range of heels at Vybe is sure to keep you satisfied. If you need some pumps to suit your smart-casual work attire, then you are in the right place. Head to the Vybe shop website today to find out more! Place your best foot forward and browse through our collection. Enjoy many benefits, brand sale and gift vouchers. Purchase our products at a very low price. Continue shopping with us!