Why Low Heels are Experiencing a Resurgence in Fashion

What goes around comes around, right? Well, we have the proof! Everyone knows that what starts as a fashion trend one year may soon become old news the next. 


The fun thing about the world of fashion is that plenty of styles make their way back on the scene. One style of shoe that has done exactly that are the low heels. Time to give the low heels a round of applause for their resurgence in the fashion world. 


We could not be any more excited even if we tried. If you need some convincing on why low heels are becoming a popular trend again after a few years off, then keep on reading, sis! We have gathered a range of reasons as to why low heels are making the best comeback ever. Low block heels will become your new go-to shoe after you read this post. Take a look below to find out more, girl! 


1. Comfortable To Wear


The best part about wearing low heels is that they are super comfortable to wear—no wonder why they are making a comeback to the fashion scene so quickly. Comfort is becoming the hot new trend that every girl is striving to achieve. 


Low heels are a comfortable style of the shoe due to the small base they provide. There is a minimal elevation of the foot, which further adds to the shoes' comfort. These shoes are a must-have style of footwear if you love to walk around feeling comfortable and confident all day long. You can even use this when vibing on the dance floor.


Low heels are perfect if you have an event coming up, such as a birthday party or wedding, which will require you to be on your feet for a long period. The worst part about these long celebrations is that they need you to be on your feet for most of the day. 


This can become super painful for your feet if you wear a pair of pumps that put a lot of strain on your feet. This tip is where you swap out the stilettos for some low heels and watch how comfortable you feel during long events without compromising your style. 


Low heels will ensure you look gorgeous all day and night long, sis! 


2. Super Stylish 


Do you love to flex your style? Well, now is your chance to do so with a pair of low heels. These best sellers shoes are making their way back to the fashion scene, and there is no turning back. These shoes are hot property at the moment, which means you need to get your hands on a pair as soon as possible. 


There are multiple reasons why low heels are making a comeback in the fashion world. We know for a fact that one of those reasons is because they are super stylish. Take your look to the higher level with a pair of stylish low heels and watch how quickly all eyes turn on you. With low heels, you can show off your fashion sense and let the shoes do the talking. 


These pumps are making a comeback to the fashion scene for a reason, so let's take this opportunity to show off your styling tips and tricks. We are obsessed when it comes to a pair of low heels because they can get dressed up or down to suit any occasion. 


Whether it is a formal event or casual brunch by the beach, a pair of low heels will ensure you make it there looking at your very best. Get it, queen! 


3. Versatile Look 


Are you in love with low heels yet? We hope you are! But if you need a little more convincing, then keep on reading. The long-awaited comeback of low heels has taken over the fashion world due to how versatile they are. 


It is hard for girls to find the perfect shoe that is both comfy, stylish, and versatile all in one. But thanks to the low heels, we get the best of both worlds. These shoes are super versatile because they can pair with any style of outfit. You could wear a tracksuit and low heels and still look flawless. That is the beauty of owning a perfect pair of low heels, babe! 


Once you get your hands on one pair of new arrivals low heels, you will soon find yourself developing an obsession with low heels. Your collection is about to get a refresh when you invest in some low heels. Trust us, and you will not regret it! 


3. Unique Designs 


The one thing that makes us so much more attracted to low heels is the range of unique designs on offer.  Low heels may be underrated, especially since they are making their comeback to the fashion world. But trust us, these shoes are ones you do not want to miss. 


Low heels can feature a range of ribbons, beads, jewels, patterns, and colours that have never been seen on footwear before. You can now step out of your comfort zone and try something new with a pair of pumps. You will feel like a badass with these kicks! 


4. Warm Weather


Low heels may also be making a popular return to the fashion world because of the boost in warm weather. When the sun is out, everyone loves to play. This tip applies to the ever-changing fashion scene. 


As soon as the warm weather hits, you will only find summer styles available to purchase. This feature includes dresses, open-toed shoes, and super cute crops. It also involves women's low heels, so take this opportunity and flaunt your freshly painted toes this summer season. 


These will be your go-to shoes during the warmer seasons because of their breathability and stylish aspects. Dress up in your best dress this summer, flaunt your flawless legs and let the footwear do the talking!  


5. Don't Forget The Accessories! 


When investing in a pair of low pointed pumps, the best thing you can do is grab some accessories along the way. These shoes are super comfy, but there are always going to be times when you are wearing them for too long may cause some discomfort in your feet.  


The best way to avoid this from happening is by investing in some half gel innersoles. These squishy pads of goodness sit between the ball of your feet and the top of the shoe. You will notice the difference straight away and find that comfortable feeling in your shoes. 


If you find yourself with some blisters during the first few times of wearing these kicks, then investing in some band-aids to help with the wearing-in process will be your best bet. You will not need them forever, so it is worthwhile grabbing some just in case. 


Do You Feel Like You Now Need A Pair Of Low Heels In Your Life? 


If you are nodding yes to this question, then now is the perfect time for you to invest in some low heels. We know that these low heels are on-trend and ready for you to strut your stuff. These low heels are a must-have in every girl's wardrobe, so head over to the Vybe website and invest in a pair today! Shop online now!