Why Your Next Pair of Block Heels Should Be from Vybe!

Do you love to wear a set of block heels? Do you think they make your life ten times easier? You are in luck if you nod your head to both of these questions. We can relate to these statements. That is why the team here at Vybe have gathered a list of styles that you should get your hands on ASAP! We offer plenty of unique styles, designs, and colours when it comes to our range of block heels. 


There are even many benefits like online exclusives that are very hard to find. You will fall in love with our range of pumps on offer, so Vybe is the only place you need to be when shopping for a new pair. So if you are keen to get your hands on a new set of new arrivals block heels, then keep on reading. We know you will become obsessed with the range of shoes we have for you down below! 


Style 1 – Bright             


One thing you will love about the range of block heels available at Vybe is the colour variety. Our favourite style of block heels at the moment are the bright and fluorescent designs. You will love to wear a pair of bright coloured pumps for a special event or brunch with the girls. These high demand block heels are perfect if you are looking for something that can take your look to the next level. 


Our range of bright block heels is sure to tick all the right boxes. The best thing about these pumps is that they can get styled in a super cool way. You will never be stuck for choice when you wear a set of these pumps. However, the bright colour looks best when paired with a simple outfit. 


Whether it is an all-white or all-black dress, you can trust that your bright block heels will be the statement piece of your look. 


Style 2 – Jewelled


Check out our range of jewelled block heels. These are gorgeous styles of shoes that you need in your life, girl! 


These shoes are becoming a super popular fashion trend, so it would be silly not to get your hands on a pair. The collection of block heels at Vybe is perfect for you as it can help you achieve your look with minimal effort. We have everything you need and more when it comes to blocking heels. 


These jewelled pumps can feature a range of designs, including chain detailing, tassels, and bells. The options are endless with this style of shoe. We love that you can wear these block heels with a casual or dressy outfit. So whether it is a cocktail night with friends or a special event over the weekend, you can be sure to look your very best in these pumps. Faster checkout it ASAP!


Style 3 – Pastel


Are you keen to try something new in the world of fashion? Yes, if you are nodding your head, we have the perfect piece for you. That’s right; we are talking about our range of pastel-coloured block heels. 


These shoes are perfect for those who want to show off their fashion and experiment with new styles. The pastel colour range is new to the world of fashion, but it is quickly gaining popularity. You will love what a pair of these pumps can do for your look, girl! 


Pastel block heel shoes are perfect for the warmer weather and help you achieve the ultimate summer look. Pair these pumps with a pair of denim shorts or jeans and a super cute crop top. Every girl needs a set of these block heels in her shoe collection. 


Style 4 – Strappy 


Treat yourself to the ultimate feminine pair of block heels this season. You will find that a set of strappy block heels are perfect for showing some skin and changing up your daily look. These pumps look best when you show off some skin. 


The self-tie straps wrap around your mid-calf, which means you get more leeway when deciding on an outfit. You will love what this perfect pair of strappy self-tie block heels can do for your look. These pumps can give you the feminine touch you did not know you were missing. For a female customer creating girly vibes, you must try these heels. 


We love to style these block heels with a super cute mini dress and many accessories. Purse, earrings, you name it! We have got everything ready to go when it comes to styling a set of strappy block heels with your next fit. So take your bag, save more when you purchase these heels and flaunt your outfit, sis!


Style 5 – Clear


Girl, are you ready for your mind to get blown? Well, our range of clear block heels will make you feel like that as soon as you try them on. This style of shoe is not for the faint-hearted. However, you will find that a pair of clear block heels can get styled in various ways. These are super comfortable, versatile, and trendy, which is why we can not get enough of them. 


A set of clear block heels are perfect for a day in the office or a night full of cocktails and gossip with friends. There is never a dull moment when you wear a pair of clear block heels. The best thing about this shoe style is that you can wear them with just about every outfit. 


Clear block heels look best when paired with a standout look. These shoes will blend into the background so your outfit can do all the talking. Wear a gorgeous bright dress or a simple little black dress for your next occasion with these pumps. Thanks to these trendy clear block heels, you will never have to worry about what shoes to wear. Woo hoo! 


Vybe is the Place to be For All Things Block Heels! 


If you have fallen in love with just about every style of shoe we have, then now is the time to close checkout them. But, of course, there is nothing worse than not buying a pair of block heels that you love! So, head to the Vybe website today so you can rock our gorgeous block heels in no time!


The delivery timeframes are still on their usual dispatch. So rest assured to get your orders in fast, safe and secured. Continue shopping with us!