Women's Flats Are Ideal for the Working Woman!

A working woman has a lot on her to-do list and will need footwear that will allow her to check the items one by one without a glitch. Which would provide her with the comfort and support she needs to make her workday less burdensome?


It would be a pair of women's flats from Vybe. Why choose one over the other when you can have both? It's time to hide those stilettos you've endured all these years because you deserve shoes that won't force you to sacrifice comfort for style.


Women's flats from Vybe are a godsend, giving you several different silhouettes and styles to keep you looking your best at work. It will be a much-needed break from pinched toes and painful feet, legs, and lower back. 


But more importantly, with women's flats, you can show your personality as you move up the career ladder.


Are you still unsure? Allow our team at Vybe to share the benefits of wearing women's flats to work. We'll look at styles you should add to your shopping cart there. 


Benefits of Women's Flat Shoes at Work 


All those years of wearing heeled shoes to work daily can hurt your body. The change in your centre of balance causes excessive pressure on your knees, tilts your lower back forward, and engages your calf muscles tightly. 


Doing this for long periods of time can affect your health, some of which is permanent. 


With women's flats, you can say goodbye to all the discomfort and continue to look good. Besides, dress codes are changing and becoming more lenient. So the days of rigid office wear are starting to fade. 


1. More room for your toes 


Have you ever experienced having your toes squeezed because of the cramped toe boxes? On top of that, the incline pushes your feet forward and further pinches your already painful toes.


Because of the roomier toe boxes, you don't have to experience that with women's flats, especially the ones from Vybe. Instead, choose pairs with rounded toes, providing the space your toes need to move as you walk. 


And we know how a working woman sometimes runs, rushing from one meeting to another.


2. Improved mobility 


Women's flats distribute your weight evenly, so there is no extra weight on your toes or the balls of your feet. As a result, it becomes more comfortable to stand and walk for long periods. 


Some jobs require you to stand for hours, walk a lot, and travel, so knowing women's flats can make you do your job more efficiently is an advantage. In addition, you can ensure these will support you on an active workday. 


3. Stylish minus the discomfort 


As mentioned, you never must sacrifice comfort for style with women's flats. However, several products from Vybe's collection can debunk the belief. Let's look at some:


Vybe women's flats have a design that is all its own. Like a combination of a loafer and a formal shoe, its unique design features woven uppers, airy open sides, trendy diamond cut-outs, and a woven material on top.


The open sides are perfect for warm days when you need breathability. In addition, the versatility of this footwear will allow you to wear them on various occasions aside from work.


A black pair of women's ballet flats should be a staple in your wardrobe. Vybe has one with a ruched, snug fit that moulds to your feet. 


The silver buckle on top adds to the unique appeal of these flats. Pair them with dresses that end around your knees or even midis. 


If you miss having a bit of height at the office, you might love the available loafers with chunky soles. These match with white capri pants and a loose denim button-down top. 


The shoes' natural colour and bow-tie design on top will have workmates approach you for a chat. They'd likely compliment you and ask where you got your collection of gorgeous flat shoes in classic colours.


Pointy toes have a particular way of elevating the formality of your office look. But don't worry; they are still comfortable flat shoes, promoting a sophisticated and chic vibe. 


The material's shiny finish and crimping at the top half add to the shoes' attractive simplicity. Wear them with trousers and a blazer when you have a client presentation or a meeting with management. 


4. Has an arch support 


An arch is a natural curve at the bottom of your foot, that is necessary to keep your body aligned from head to toe. Arches are also responsible for distributing your body weight when you walk and stand.


Most flat shoes for women have support for the arch, which gives you more stability and balance and keeps you comfortable while you do your tasks. More importantly, you reduce the risk of developing foot problems. 


5. Relaxed calf muscles 


Unlike heels, flat shoes don't push your feet forward, so there is no need for your leg muscles to overcompensate. Also, when firmly planted on the ground, your calves can relax.


If you wear flats to work, your legs won't tire, and you'll be comfortable all day. However, if you used to wear heeled shoes, you would notice the difference in pain during the early days of wearing flat shoes. 


You become less sore because you get rid of the constant strain of clenching your calves to help you balance in high heels.   


Some Workplace Outfit Inspirations 


To give you more options on how you can style flats for work, our Vybe team gathered some tips for you. 


  • When you wear dress pants with flats, ensure that the cut of your slacks is straight and slim. For example, navy-blue dress pants with a light pinstripe pattern would look great with a crisp white blouse tucked into the pants.


  • A tailored skirt suit will look great with flats. The skirts can be pencil, pleated, or tulip-shaped.


  • Dresses are the safest bet. They perfectly match this huge range of casual flats, including loafers, flat sandals, mules, or a pair of classic ballet flats! 


You can channel the bold-statement-look of Marc Jacobs and Diana Ferrari brands by adopting that look for yourself—without their hefty price tags!


Perform Your Best at Work With Help From Women's Flats


Join the thousands of ladies across the globe who value their health and comfort while working. Get a pair of flat shoes from Vybe by going to the nearest retailer or the online store. 


Also, be sure to get invisible socks from Vybe if you don't want your feet to rub the shoes constantly.