Women's Flats Don't Have to Be Boring… Vybe Has a Great Selection!

What's your first reaction every time you open your closet each day? If you're at the point where you don't like what you see, it's time to spice things up and add something new to the mix. It would help if you got a pair of non-boring women's flats from Vybe.


Change is recommendable for everyone. But you'll be surprised how a new pair of women's flats can improve your mood and motivate you daily.


Once you get any women's flats from Vybe's selection, you'll look forward to dressing up daily and feeling motivated to go to work or school. Finding new ways to dress your footwear and improve your look will become exciting instead of the tedious chore it has become.


If you're ready to elevate your closet, let's dive right into it! Vybe has everything you need, so allow our Vybe team to walk you through the different ones. Once you see what we've got, you'll realise that several non-boring shoes will improve your fashion and bring a smile. 


1. Available Colours


Sometimes, all you (and your closet) need is a pop of colour to change its look and vibe. For instance, if you're into neutral shades, the time will come you'll feel bored looking at the same thing repeatedly. 


So, address the issue by getting something different from your palette. First, look at the shades available for Vybe's women's flats.


Vybe women's flats come in nine exciting colours: black, blue, green, leopard, natural, orange, tan, vanilla, and white. While black and white are the usual choices, let's veer towards the different ones that can still match the clothes in your closet.


Colour 1—Leopard 


How about choosing the leopard women's flats?


If you're looking for a change, this is it! Wearing leopard-print footwear signifies independence, confidence, and nonconformity. With these, you break free of the usual and get out of the boring ones you have.


Don't worry about styling because this bold print matches and works with the clothing items in your closet. You don't need to overhaul your existing clothes to find something you can wear with leopard women's flats. 


All kinds of jeans—sneaky, boyfriend, high-waisted, and straight-leg—work well with these vibrant shoes. In addition, you can use tops with puffy sleeves, peasant tops, crop blouses, and plain shirts to tone down your leopard print flats.  


Colour 2—Blue  


If you're not a fan of printed footwear, you can scale down by going for other colours like blue. The slip-on women's flats in blue will be a great addition to your closet. 


These shoes have a flexible design and flat soles that boost your comfort. Style gets high marks in this footwear with the braided rope lining, square-cut top, and casual feel.


The design and colour are transeasonal, which means they are appropriate for all seasons, and you can wear them year-long. So these pairs will match your shorts in summer, dresses in spring, leggings and tights in fall, and coats and layers in winter! 


2. Style Selection 


Choosing something new to add to your closet doesn't entirely depend on the colour. You can still spice up your pairs by choosing designs and styles beyond your comfort zone. 


If you've been choosing closed toes, it's time to switch them up with open-toed ones, and vice versa. You can only escape the boring slump by choosing different women's flats.


Is it exciting to try something new? Let's go through the styles available at Vybe's selection. 


Style 1—Sandals 


Do you want a pair of hybrid-style women's flats in your closet?


If yes, Vybe has the perfect one for you. It's a mule sandal that combines a classic slide's peep-toe look with a loafer's square-cut top. Sounds exciting and far from boring, right?


These ladies' flats have a trendy tassel detail, contrast stitching, and braided rope texture that will turn many heads when you wear them in summer or spring. 


The shape is one of a kind and will add a new vibe to your overall look. Style these with dresses, shorts, and capri pants for a relaxed and casual event. 


Style 2—Loafers 


Vybe keeps a lot of hybrid types in its collection. So we're recommending a kind of women's flat that mixes a loafer and a dress shoe. 


You'll never feel bored or lacklustre with these women's flats' trendy diamond cut-outs and woven material. Instead, you will love how these shoes' features combine to create an exciting design.


Imagine opening your closet to this beauty—a perfect way to start your day! You can easily dress these footwear up or down and even wear them to work. So feel confident and comfortable as you go through your busy workday.


And you don't have to change if you're heading out to unwind afterward. Since these pairs are versatile, you'll feel right at home when you meet friends for dinner and cocktails.


Style 3—Slip-On Shoes


Looking good doesn't have to take so much time. Sometimes, ladies' flats you put on within seconds, like the comfortable and attractive pair of slip-on shoes from Vybe, will do the trick. 


The stylish walking shoe comes with laser-cut material for breathability and a square-cut top with elastic side gussets, which expand to accommodate any foot shape. 


Wear these while doing your mundane tasks to feel motivated and energised. For example, walk around the neighbourhood in these ladies' flats to achieve your 10,000 steps a day goal in class. 


Wear them for a quick grocery run, and expect strangers to stop you with a compliment. 


Welcome Classic Ballet Flats, Say Goodbye to Dullness with Vybe!


Stop putting up with boring shoes when you can access the most exciting designs of women's flats at Vybe! Be sure to protect these beauties with a water and stain protection spray available at Vybe. Head to the nearest retailer store or shop online. 


Every woman's closet needs a reliable pair of flat shoes (flats, as in no heels!). Find the right pair of shoes from the huge range of classic ballet flats to casual flats, flat sandals, loafers, brogues, sneakers, and more that will match any outfit on any occasion.


There's something for everyone, whether you want something traditional that simulates styles from brands like Marc Jacobs or Diana Ferrari in classic colours. 


The iconic ballet flat looks great with office outfits, skirts, dresses, and jeans. Dress in timeless hues like pink or leather, or make a bold statement with vivid, attention-grabbing pigments.