You Need These 3 Block Heel Styles in Your Wardrobe!

You can never have enough block heels in your closet, especially if you're always out of the house and need various styles for rotation. You will never wear anything else once you've tried on a thick, broad heel shoe.

Block heels are a godsend when adding centimetres to your height because they do so without the usual pain and discomfort. These shoes distribute the weight evenly, relieving the pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back.

The fact that you won't feel discomfort while you remain stable and comfortable with the added height should be reason enough to fill your shoe closet with various kinds of Vybe block heels. The brand has shoes for casual, formal, and workplace settings that you must add to your wardrobe now!

If you're ready to discover the three styles you need in your wardrobe, let's do it! Allow our team from Vybe to step in and walk you through, pun intended, the various block heels that can make your life so much better. 

These three kinds will suit the different settings we mentioned.

Style 1—Open-Toe Strappy Sandals

Prepare your maxi dresses and shorts; the open-toe strappy sandals are the block heels best suited for casual events. We mentioned earlier that having this kind of heel brings more stability, especially if the event location is outdoors.

A picnic or barbeque in the backyard during the spring or summer is an idyllic setting for you to wear this footwear. These shoes offer breathability, which keeps your feet fresh and sweat-free during warmer temperatures. 

You won't have to worry about sinking into soil, sand, or pavement cracks because block heels are wide enough for that to happen. Imagine the horror of wearing stilettos outdoors and getting stuck where you are.

Among all the Vybe open-toe strappy sandals, feast your eyes on a pair of 6cm mid-high shoes. The buckled ankle straps and the single top strap combine to provide a sexy silhouette.

While these are perfect with dresses, you won't go wrong if you wear them with jeans and an off-shoulder top. Wear these strappy sandals with denim miniskirts on warmer days to make your elongated and slimmer legs more visible.

Style 2—Pointy-Toe Strappy Shoes

If you need to elevate the glam and style of your formal wear, add Vybe's pointy-toe strappy shoes. These block heels will add elegance and make your long gowns shine.

When you check out the collection at Vybe, there are different height options characteristic of block heels—they can come in low or high.

Low shoes are options for ladies who cannot stand for hours wearing heels of more than 5.5cm. They are happy and content to enjoy the formal event within a few centimetres of the ground. 

However, to stand out from the crowd (literally and figuratively), you better add the other pointy Vybe block heels, standing at 9.5cm.

Both options have buckled ankle straps that secure the footwear to your feet. Dance the night away without worrying about topping forward, losing your balance, or feeling uncomfortable because these pairs will ensure you'll have the best time.

Style 3—Pumps

While most workplaces are more lenient in their dress code requirements, you can always stay safe and wear pumps to work. You will never experience discomfort again when you wear these Vybe block heels. 

The style has a robust, thick, broad heel, a squared or round toe shape, and a leather lining that provides breathability and insulation.

Why ensure a painful workday when you can improve the experience and elevate the style with Vybe block heels?

Like the previous styles, these pumps come in low or high options. The block heels' versatility will allow you to take them from work straight to after-work events.

There is no need to bring extra shoes to change into because the ones you have can last you all day and night.

How about colours?

The colour of your block heels is also essential when buying one. While we gave examples of where the styles are most suitable, please know they are interchangeable. 

That means you can wear pumps to casual and formal events, depending on the styling. In the same way, the colour of your footwear also plays a role. Some workplaces prefer a classic pair of black shoes, while others welcome any form of expression.

Vybe has block heels in a range of colours: black, natural, silver, tan, and white. All shades are easy to match and deserve a spot in your shoe closet. 

Natural block heels are an excellent choice, especially if you want your legs to appear longer and slimmer.

White is an excellent choice, too. Block heels in this colour add a fresh vibe to your overall look, whether you're wearing them for a casual, formal, or work event.

Why wear block heels?

After explaining the three styles of block heels you need in your closet, let's go through the reasons you should. We've repeatedly mentioned the comfort they bring. People prioritise comfort more now, which makes the Vybe collection more relevant. 

Not only do Vybe block heels offer the best comfort, but they also elevate the style. When you don't have to choose one over the other because both are present, will you give up on the opportunity to have one?

Block heels are trans-seasonal, which means you can wear them in all seasons. They keep you stable and balanced during winter's wet and harsh weather. 

You wouldn't dare wear stilettos during winter because of the high risk of twisting your ankle or losing balance. 

Moreover, outdoor events are popular during the warmer months, and only this footwear can keep you from sinking in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.

And while these shoes are already superior in comfort, you can always augment them with gel cushions, heel grips, and stoppers from Vybe. These things make wearing block heels even better.

Get All 3 Styles of Block Heel Shoes from Vybe!

There are several considerations to make when shopping for shoes. You need stylish and comfortable footwear to wear all day, whether you're headed to the office, getting dressed up for a night out, or just running errands.

Our block heel brands feature various fashionable options, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for some open-toe strappy sandals or pumps, you'll find styles to suit every foot.

Increased stability and support from the larger surface area on the heel make these shoes ideal for all-day wear without the pain mentioned above or discomfort.

Grab all three kinds of Vybe women's block heels because you deserve all of them. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later!